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The Librarians Season 4 'And A Town Called Feud' Review

Episode 9 'And A Town Called Feud' follows Baird, Stone, and Ezekiel as they visit a town built on the false history of the Loveday brothers, who were on opposing sides of the Civil War. There, ghosts of the war are haunting the town, warning them that 'the brothers are rising.' 

Back at the Library, Cassandra, and Jenkins research into the belongings of another pair of brothers who believed they were destined to become the Librarian. Cassandra hopes they can find some information which could ensure they don't make the same mistakes as the brothers and remain Librarians together. 

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The history of the Civil War is as interesting as it is tragic. But, the true story of the Loveday brothers solidarity of peace and hope changes Stone and Ezekiel's minds about there only being one Librarian.

This feud between the Librarians is at the centre of the episode and showcases the development of the characters and their friendship. It appears they want to be the Librarian for their own selfish reasons. But, the tethering ceremony must still go ahead which means only one Librarian can be tethered to the Library forever. 

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It is marvellous to see Cassandra and Jenkins engage in some 'high tea' and the comedy that comes with their mischievious and loving friendship. They make excellent research buddies and it allows Jenkins to explore his mortality in the form of craving sandwiches and cakes, and trying to understand if he needs to burp or visit the bathroom.

Cassandra's lack of faith in herself that she would be picked as the Librarian is another interesting element to her character. She has a strong belief that she is an amazing Librarian but when comparing herself to Stone and Ezekiel, she doesn't believe she is good enough.

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There is an incredibly moving end to this episode as the two Loveday brothers possess Stone and Ezekiel because they knew they wouldn't kill each other, just as they couldn't on the battlefield a hundred years ago. 

The theme of hope and peace thriving within a bloody and brutal environment reflects the Librarians love for one another and how much stronger they are as a team. But, their faith and hope in each other kind of backfires when they return to the Library, where Cassandra and Jenkins change their minds and agree with Darrington Dare, that there should only be on Librarian. 

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It brings them to a bit of a brick wall and with the tethering ceremony only weeks away, their future is left uncertain. It makes for a gripping conclusion and generates a hunger to know what's going to happen next.  

This is another imaginative, engaging, funny and moving episode filled with lots of compelling character development. There are also some interesting questions about the fate of the Librarians and whether there can only ever be one.

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Hidden Sanctuary' Review

Cassandra heads to Havenport, the safest town in America after she freezes whilst on a mission. Whilst there, she gets a taste of a 'normal' life; working at the local library, adopting kittens and winning first prize in the town's baking contest. 

'And the Hidden Sanctuary' explores purpose and specifically questions who Cassandra wants to be. She's never experienced life outside of the Library, and so it's only natural that she would want to see if she has a purpose somewhere outside of the Library's boundaries.

Lindy Booth plays Cassandra as the apprehensive, excitable puppy and brave and intelligent Librarian all in one in this episode. Her self-reflection is commendable, allowing her to do something the other Librarians never have- exploring who she is away from the Library.

Her love and excitement at having a normal life and being safe is infectious yet one cannot help wander if she knows she is destined to be a Librarian. She builds a wonderful life for herself but her power, her potential is not being met by working at the local library and making a colourful quilt. 

As she continues to try to hide her concerns regarding the lack of accidents, a local boy, Freddie begins to piece events together, forming a large collection of evidence that proves something odd is happening.

Together, they find a fairy is keeping the town safe by the wishes of the town councillor who wanted everyone to be safe after his Dad died in a car accident when he was a boy. But, when Cassandra asks the town if anything has come to the town recently, they point out Cassandra is the only thing to have arrived.

It's a brilliant ploy to have Cassandra figure things out by herself and to have the help of a young boy who reflects Cassandra's own childhood of reading books and making connections, wonderfully moving and graceful. 

Once the reason for the fairy's wishing is revealed, it gives Cassandra the confidence and resilience to learn being the Librarian is worth the risk. Out of all the librarians, Cassandra is the one who has learned her true purpose and knows where she belongs.  

'And the Hidden Sanctuary' is a beautifully written episode; there's gripping drama, fantastic character development, sweet and funny moments and an overall fabulous story for Cassandra to get stuck into. She is the Librarian!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Disenchanted Forest' Review

It begins with silence. Eve is looking defeated, lost and empty following Flynn's departure. Stone, Ezekiel, and Cassandra cannot believe Flynn would abandon the Library and Eve but she shows them the letter Darrington Dare left for Flynn about how there can only be one Librarian. 

Cassandra wonders what leading a normal life could be like and Stone ponders on how being a Librarian would stop him from having a family. It's gripping to see them show doubt about being a Librarian and the sacrifices they need to make.

Eve takes the Librarians to a team building camp so they can become a team again but Stone rightly points out, it's a way for Eve to focus on the job rather than deal with her personal life. 

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Once they arrive, Ezekiel becomes the adult of the group as Cassandra turns into a mischievous prankster, Stone starts to fall in love and Eve is set on winning. It's hilarious to see Cassandra having a fabulous time playing pranks and just generally enjoying life. It's hard not to laugh right alongside her.

It also provides a compelling exchange between her and Ezekiel as he argues Cassandra has always lived her life in fiction and so doesn't know what it's like to have a normal life. It's a relatable situation for us geeks who prefer to live in fictional worlds rather than 'normal' reality.

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The team begins to discover there are disappearances happening and it's the forest who are taking people. As Eve investigates one of the other teams who turn out to be DOSA, Stone begins to fall for Creativity Director, Serena,  a journalist searching for the Library.

Their brief but romantic encounter is beautifully written and acted. It is a great opportunity to see Stone contemplate a life away from the Library.  The consequences of Flynn's departure means Eve has had enough of his disappearing act and rightly so.

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Ultimately, the trip does bring the team closer together as Stone becomes the voice of the forest. Its motivation for taking those people is because it was attempting to find someone who could communicate with it, and let the humans know if the forest dies so does all life.

Surprisingly, Stone brings Serena into the Library so she knows she's not crazy but also to remind her of why he can't be in a relationship. It's incredibly moving and sad to see the sacrifices the Librarians need to make. 

'And the Disenchanted Forest' is a compelling, wonderfully written and laughter filled episode. It reveals more about the characters and their true identities. The forest is a mystical and effective antagonist for the Librarians, and as Stone gets a taste of what he could have away from the Library, it leaves a tantalizing glimpse into what could happen if the Librarians did decide to resign. 

Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Graves of Time' Review

Episode Four 'And the Graves of Time' reunites Eve with Nicole as she sets off on her own mission to find her. Once Eve does, she learns the curse of immortality is seeing everyone you love, die as you pass through time.

This episode also explores the conflict between Flynn and Jenkins as they try to persuade one another Nicole can and cannot be trusted. It's engaging to see these two friends become more distant because of the choices the Library has made them make.

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Eve's doubts about the tethering ceremony are interesting because she admits she's afraid she'll be alone if any of the Librarians decide to leave the Library behind.  Her connection to the Library and her friends are making her question if it's worth giving up her mortality. 

There is not only drama but some lighter moments as Cassandra's excitement at getting to be Jenkins whilst he and Flynn track Eve and Nicole is delightful and her enthusiasm is nothing but infectious. 

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Nicole's past brings a lot of questions for the Librarians and Eve; her presence casts a lot of mistrust within the Library. It's important the writers address the secrets of the Library because it's such a vast, magical and dangerous place to commit too. 

It is great to see Eve and Nicole begin to trust each other; their argumentative conversations are very entertaining. The fact they are working together strengthens Eve's loyalty to the Librarians because she states she 'never leaves a soldier behind.' 

The mission to retrieve an artifact that has the ability to kill an immortal creates uncertainty surrounding Nicole's motive for retrieving it. But she proves she can be trusted as the man also looking for it is Rasputin who Nicole thought she had killed centuries before.

But, the most amazing twist comes later when Jenkins transfers his immortality to Nicole when Rasputin stabs her with her artifact. It is incredibly moving to see the Librarians love for Jenkins show itself as Stone almost refuses to continue translating the text which completes the transference. 

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Ultimately, this episode is another strong chapter that deepens the doubts Eve and Flynn have towards tethering themselves to the Library. As Flynn begins to see the Library as a kind of prison that has kept him from discovering who he is outside of the Library, his sudden departure is an effective way to end the episode. 

The friendship built between Eve and Nicole is an outcome which is greatly welcomed as they relate and learn from each other. We can only hope Flynn hasn't abandoned the Library for good, not just for him but for Eve and the Librarians too.

The Librarians Season 4 'And the Bleeding Crown' Review

Episode Five 'And the Bleeding Crown' sees residents of a small town turn old by an eighteenth-century arch enemy of Darrington Dare, a past Librarian from eighteenth-century London.  

As the Librarians investigate, Flynn lets his fanboy run riot as he meets his hero Darrington Dare after he saves Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone from a bunch of lumbering zombie clones with melting skin. 

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Writer Tom MacRae encapsulates Flynn's amazement and Dare's eccentric and narcissistic tendencies remarkably well.  The energy Flynn and Dare create as they discuss the mystery behind the elderly overload is absolutely hilarious. It balances brilliantly with the big questions the episode generates. 

Flynn is becoming even more unsure of the rules of the Library as Dare states there can only ever be one Librarian.  This idea of a Librarian civil war is gripping and raises serious questions about whether the Librarians could turn against each other.

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This is a daring idea and one which will test the Librarians friendship to the limits. The twist of this story is the Librarians becoming old too but it's not really them, it's their clones!  Seeing the Eve, Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone as elders who complain about the temperature and how tired they are is fantastically funny.

It is also wonderful to see Cassandra reflecting on what she will be like when she grows old, something she didn't believe would happen with her brain grape. Darrington Dare also learns something from Flynn who states he needs friends to be the Librarian and to ensure he survives longer. 

Image result for the librarians season 4 and the bleeding crownAs Flynn tries desperately to save the Librarians from dying, he calls upon Jenkins to use his immortal life force to overload the crown of Dare's greatest nemesis. It's an exciting and gripping conclusion to a story that initially began as another general saving the day but turned into a quest for answers.

With the surprising twist, an imaginative plot and fantastic performances from the cast, 'And the Bleeding Crown' is another triumph and succeeds in feeding us more doubt and fear among the Librarians as they begin to question the Library and their role within it. 

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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Silver Screen' Review

Episode 4 of 'The Librarians' sees Eve and Flynn transported into one of Eve's favorite classic noir movies after their attempt at a normal date ends up being another crazy adventure for the duo. Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel go against Jenkins wishes by following them into the movie world, first through a western than a sci-fi drama. Jenkins must find the magical artifact causing this magical conundrum before the Librarians are stuck in the fictional world forever.

Writer Noah Wyle creates a wonderful noir atmosphere as Eve and Flynn act out the film as is intended in the hope they will be transported back into the real world once the plot is followed through. Flynn's distress and Eve's delight is both funny and engaging because of their complete opposite reactions. Also, Flynn is clearly intrigued by Eve's love of the film and characters which adds another interesting element to their relationship.

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The development of this relationship is becoming more compelling as they discuss doing 'normal' things like going to see a movie. Eve displays a slight irritation at not having enough time to do these normal things.  

However, this is soon forgotten as Eve relishes acting in her favorite movie. The chemistry between Noah Wyle and Rebecca Romijn is vibrant, exciting, warm, funny and unpredictable. Their conversations are compelling, silliness, respect, and love and it's fabulous to see them working as detectives.

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Director Jonathan Frakes provides color, vibrancy, and variety as Cassandra, Stone and Ezekiel travel through a hilarious gun-off where Cassandra saves Stone and Ezekiel from being hanged. Then, they end up on a spaceship where they are kidnapped and all blued up in classic alien costumes.

It's a spectacularly imaginative and funny sequence being able to see the Librarians become fictions themselves. Also, it's even more hilarious to see that Cassandra is a fan of the sci-fi film she is now in and recounting the dialogue with absolute confidence and clarity.

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As Jenkins works with the owner of the Hollywood Theatre, the daughter of the film's writer, the twist of the story resolves itself through a past regret as the true writer of the films reveals she is the mother of the owner of the theatre. 

It reigns the magic and drama of the story back to the heart of the series- showing the Librarians why they save the world and who they do it for. It's people. Strangers who they will never meet. 

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'And the Silver Screen' is a highly creative, witty, exciting, compelling and heart-warming episode. Writer Noah Wyle and Director Jonathan Frakes create an adventure that is brimming with imagination, important questions and an emotional conclusion.

It's almost like Wyle is displaying our very own geeky consciousness through the Librarians. Eve's memory of watching her favourite noir movies with her grandmother is a feeling we relate to and it's the love and passion for a fictional world and characters that connects and inspires us. 


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A Very Merry Christmas From!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from!

We hope you get everything you asked Santa for and more this year! :D

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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Christmas Thief' Review

It's Christmas! And the Librarians are getting all festive and cheerful if Cassandra gets her way with episode three, 'And the Christmas Thief.' In this episode, we are introduced to Ezekiel's mum, who along with her three adoptive daughters, worships the Patron Saint of Thieves, vengeful brother to Santa!

The Librarians are also tasked with keeping Santa's sleigh safe whilst he parties with Jenkins, Flynn and Eve on vacation. After Ezekiel visits his Mum on 'Thanks taking day', a darkened version of Christmas that celebrates greed instead of giving, he unintentionally reveals the library to his Mum. And after she steals the globe which controls the magic door, it's up to Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob to use Santa's sleigh to retrieve the globe and escape from the Patron Saint of Thieves.

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Ezekiel's backstory is interesting because it allows Ezekiel's Mum relationship's with her son to develop Ezekiel's transformation as a dedicated and morally grounded Librarian. The thread between Ezekiel's choice of career and his defensive attack at pretending he doesn't care about people and his actions comes from his Mum's lack of belief in him.

More so, I loved the scene between Ezekiel, Cassandra and Stone when he tries to convince them he can retrieve the globe by himself. Cassandra acting like big sister and Stone fighting with Ezekiel like two squabbling brothers is a wonderfully playful scene. 

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The Christmas elements of the episode give the plot a valuable lesson in why it is always better to give rather than receive. It's a testament to the writers that it's Ezekiel who is the barer of this noble truth.

As Ezekiel and his Mum head back to the Bank of Thieves to return a painting stolen from the Patron Saint, Cassandra and Stone contact Jenkins to ask him to help them repair the globe and open a door.

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It's so uplifting to see Cassandra so excited and fascinated by magic. What's so unique and fabulous about all of the characters is their openness to express their playful and childlike side, something some adults may feel they cannot express even though every aspect of ourselves should be embraced and celebrated. 

Jenkins return comes with a great twist as he brings the Patron Saint a letter from Santa which gives him permission to gain ownership of the sleigh. But, there lies the conundrum as Stone reveals the Patron cannot accept something which is given to him willing, it must be stolen. 

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The most poignant moment of the episode concludes with Ezekiel and his Mum giving back the gifts she stole using the magic door. It's a moving moment between a mother and son who have lost their way and found each other again, just in time for Christmas!

'And the Christmas Thief' is a festive treat full of warmth, family, laughter and drama. There is a fine balance between slapstick and complex character development, especially for Ezekiel. Every performance is strong and dynamic, giving the interactions between the characters charisma and clarity.

 Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Steal of Fortune' Review

Episode 2 of Season 4's The Librarians 'And the Steal of Fortune' sees the team investigate the casino and horse racing establishment 'Fortune Downs' which is the only connection between the people who have experienced the worst luck possible. 

This leads on from the Librarians questioning Flynn about having a normal life. He admits as Librarians they cannot experience 'normality' because it causes too many distractions and emotional attachments which could put them in danger. 

But, Jacob refuses to believe this so he and Ezekiel visit an old friend. After Jacob's friend suffers a seizure to a bee sting that would otherwise have been harmless, they discover other victims of 'bad luck' as they realise magic is at the root of the probability inconsistencies. 

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As they head to the casino, Cassandra and Ezekiel experience the normality that they were hoping for as Cassandra uses her incredible maths skills to calculate which number the ball will land on at the roulette table and Ezekiel becomes obsessed with winning money on the game machines.

It turns out the owner of the casino is only the lackey for the physical embodiment of the Goddess of Fortune, Fortuna. She is using magic to bring bad luck to anyone who looks at her so she can become flesh again and bring bad luck to the rest of the world. 

This is one of unique qualities the series has- incorporating mythology into a modern context and communicating it with precision and passion. There is plenty of humour in this episode; Cassandra's happiness at winning at the roulette table and Ezekiel going a bit crazy at the games machines is a wonderfully playful collection of scenes.

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But, as Cassandra's winning cause her to be kidnapped and interrogated by Fortuna, it allows her to demonstrate some sneaky improvisation as she claims Saturn sent her to disrupt Fortuna's plan.

As a sub-plot, Flynn and Jenkins discuss the Library's origins and the after effects of Nicole's departure in the opening episode. It's really interesting to see their friendship tested because they are two longest members of the team with the most knowledge and experience of the Library, and even they are beginning to question if they can truly trust the Library.

'And the Steal of Fortune' is another wacky, fun and mythology driven story that continues to develop the characters and test the core friendships between them.


The Librarians Season 4 'And the Dark Secret' Review

The Librarians finally returned for their fourth season, beginning with 'And the Dark Secret' in which a secret sect of the Vatican Church uncovers an ancient map detailing the location of four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria (the original library). 

Flynn and the team liaise with Flynn's previous Guardian, Nicole, who has been locked in a dungeon under the Library for five hundred years after she was sent back in time by a rift caused by an explosion that Flynn set off on their last adventure.

Jenkins and Flynn become conflicted about Nicole's motivations as Jenkins believes she cannot be trusted. But, Eve persuades Nicole to help them find the remaining cornerstone after she admits she hid the last remaining stone, which are being collected by Vatican priests, secret members of an order intent on destroying the Library and removing knowledge and wisdom from the world.

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The Librarians are now at a stage where they are learning the sacrifices they need to make in order to become effective librarians. Cassandra is beginning to learn how to use her new powers, Jacob is loving giving his expertise on architectural history and Ezekiel is starting to question whether they can truly trust the Library and its secrets. 

The hunt for the cornerstones provides an Indiana Jones style adventure to the season opener. Cassandra's solution to breaking through crystal to get to the one of the stones brings a lightness and fun to this series story arc of whether you can truly trust the institution you dedicate your life too.  

It's a fascinating question and one that will make this season one of the most compelling, especially when the Librarians start to question their role within the Library and how much they must sacrifice. 

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Flynn's revelation that he caused Nicole to be sent back in time after causing an explosion that was meant to save them, raised more questions about how he truly feels about being a Librarian. It certainly gave Eve and Flynn's guardian/librarian relationship some engaging conflicts. 

Prophecy is given a central focus and is a thought-provoking concept in itself. Jenkins states everything that has happened with the Library was destined and needed to happen. But, they are a point now where no-one knows what will happen.

For Cassandra, Jacob and Ezekiel, it's interesting to see them question their commitment and role within the Library. Cassandra is more openly accepting of her fear of the future which I believe will ensure she overcomes whatever challenges lay ahead for her. 

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The resolution to the episode is strong as Cassandra and Jacob calculate how to generate enough energy to keep the rift that the cornerstones have created open so Flynn can save Nicole who is pulled through it. 

It showcases the Librarian's intelligence, resilience, bravery and adaptability and demonstrates how powerful they are as a team. It's a fast-paced, dramatic and intense conclusion to an already strong episode.

'And the Dark Secret' sets up the over arcing themes of trust and uncertainty for the future effectively. Each member demonstrates their skills and unique abilities brilliantly, culminating in a compelling, funny and fast-paced opening for the series. It's good to have the Librarians back saving the world!


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The Legend of Korra- Turf Wars Part 1 Review

 NickALive!: Preview Pages From First "Legend Of Korra ...

After Book Four of The Legend of Korra ended, many of us were feeling hollow and sad that it was over and we wouldn't be able to see what happens after Korrasami entered the spirit world together. But, never fear, for the amazing creative team at Dark Horse comics decided to continue the series in comic form, with creator Michael Dante Dimartino as writer! 

And behold, Turf Wars Part One is here, and it continues straight after that lasting image of Korrasami as they walked hand in hand into the sparkly spirit world. Artist Irene Koh takes the lead on the artwork and delivers stunning blockades of mesmerising colours and her own style of the characters and avatar world. 

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One TPB :: Profile ...Writer Michael Dante DiMartino brings the character to life beautifully. With less room for dialogue, he takes it as an opportunity to explore the thoughts and feelings of Korra and Asami with grace and poignancy.

Their conversations about how their feelings grew and changed over the three years they were apart were moving and powerful. They've both developed so much over the last two books, and here it shows.

Irene Koh's details of Korra and Asami blend perfectly with the purple sunset colours; adding to the warmth that the dialogue feeds to the audience. 

The characterisation is perfect, DiMartino proves he knows these characters and their relationship, as well as he does Aang.  

The honesty that Korra and Asami share with each other is refreshing in that their open-mindedness towards their relationship strengthens the connection they share. It's entirely gripping because their relationship has developed so organically that it brings out different aspects to their personalities. 

The Legend Of Korra: Turf Wars Part One, Book by Michael ...
Front Cover
As they head back to the spirit world, the new spirit portal is creating social and polticial backlash in the form of an old business associate of Asami's father. His interference is met with spiky eyebrow stares from Asami as her history with him adds some interesting mystery to her teenage years.

Mako and Bolin grace the page with their usual hilarity and sweetness. Bolin is happy to be working with his brother and the police force. But, Mako is not too keen which presents an interesting question of why.

It adds depth to his character because it's clear that Mako's career has become incredibly important and meaningful to him. This is a positive step towards developing his character and understanding how he is exploring who he is through his work.

He and Bolin find themselves in a street battle between the triple threats and the creeping crystals which enables the ripples of the battle with Kuvira to take centre stage. The criminals of the city are vying for their own place to call their own. 

Legend of Korra: Turf Wars (Part 3) COVER REVEALED! - YouTube This ties in well with the citizens of the city who are staying in a temporary evacuation camp. Korra gives one of her most inspiring and empowering speeches; displaying her maturity and strength. 

There's aparticular moment before Korra gives her speech that is fascinating from Asami's point of view. 

Korra asks her if she will come with her to she give her speech, but Asami deflects and says she should stay back and do something practical to help. This creates a little tension between the two as Korra was hoping for support from Asami and wonders what she means by 'practical'. 

Asami is clearly more comfortable helping the cause by designing and drawing up plans for new housing developments. It's as if she doesn't believe she could be of any emotional support for the people of the city, even though, she was the one who was the inspiration and hope for Korra throughout her recovery. Asami should have more faith and belief in herself that she is an inspiring person who can offer citizens a lot more than just the practicalities of engineering a new city. 

Overall, the beginning of the new trilogy is a strong, beautiful and funny chapter in exploring Korra and Asami's relationship and balancing the conflict of the new opposition for Korra and team avatar.

The Next Avatar- Korrasami Fan Comic

Being a fan of the Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender, I came across this beautiful fan comic dedicated to the Next Avatar and features Asami, now an old lady, passing on some of Korra's belongings. If you're also a fan, be ready to be moved and cry!


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Doctor Who- The Fan Show: LGBTQ in the World of Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Fan Show held a discussion with fans Benjamin Cook (writer & youtuber), Bethany Black (writer, actor & comedian), Alex a.k.a Torchwood Boy (Youtuber) and Doctor Who's first director Waris Hussein to discuss LGBTQ representation, the importance of Doctor Who reflecting society and Torchwood being an educational platform.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

SDCC Dark Horse The Legend of Korra Panel 2017

It's been two years since the incredible The Legend of Korra series ended but Dark Horse is continuing the series with a brand new comic story- Turf Wars! Below you can see artist Irene Koh, actor Janet Varney (Korra) and writer Michael Dante DiMartino talk about the series and how it's been adapted for the comic world! 


SDCC Doctor Who Panel 2017

The Doctor Who cast and writers Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss were at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday and here you can watch the full panel. Expect humour, emotional speeches, fan debates and a standing ovation!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Supergirl Panel SDCC 2017

A fan of Supergirl? Join the cast at San Diego Comic Con where they talk season 3, character development and what's to come on October 9th!


The Defenders Panel SDCC 2017

The Defenders cast were at San Diego Comic Con this weekend and here you can catch the full panel!


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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Marvel's latest remake of the beloved Spider-Man takes a difference approach with the youngest Spider-Man, Tom Holland, as he struggles to balance his life as a teenager and his neighbourhood's local hero. 

The aftermath of the last few Avengers films is what brings us straight into Michael Keaton's Vulture setup; laying the foundations as to why he becomes Spider-Man's adversary. His motivation is relevant and believable making his character more flawed and human.

The tone of the film feels similar to the early days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Peter's warm and youthful character is delightful and refreshing. Tom Holland brings warmth, sincerity, mischief and truth to the role. 

Marvel have stripped Spider-Man's story down to the richest and most important aspects of his journey. The relability of Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man is his believability that any fifteen year old could lead a life of danger and excitement. 

 Image result for spiderman homecoming

Writers Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley have given the Spider-Man franchise a unique voice that is witty, gripping and playful. The sincerity of the script is valuably important to the quality of the plot. 

Spider-Man and Vulture's conflict feels organic and original in terms of what they both want. Peter is clinging onto the life as Spider-Man; his lack of faith and belief in himself works effectively against Vulture whose faith in providing for his family leads him to make immoral choices.

Director Jon Watts gives the film a bright and stylish aesthetic, as well as, catering to the roughness of the New York streets and back alleys. The perceptive angles of Spider-Man's movements are dynamic and exciting. 

More so, the friendship between Peter and his best friend, Ned make for great character focus. They realistically portray two loyal friends who not only love one another but are comfortable and familiar that they can respectfully disagree with the other's choices. 

 Image result for spiderman homecoming ned

The film gives attention to Peter's social life with humour and spirit whilst allowing Spider-Man to show vulnerability as he pushes himself out from under huge chunks of concrete; a vital tool in proving that Peter has to work out who he is as a person and not to rely on his life as Spider-Man to be all he is. 

The concluding action scene is both exhilariating and emotionally powerful as Peter makes the courageous choice to save Vulture from an explosive death.

Tom Holland beautifully portrays Peter Parker with youthful spirit, playfulness, warmth, recklessness and mischief. The supporting actors bring their own unique energy to the story and each is as diverse and original as they should be. 

The script is full of jokes, compassion, humility, action and adventure that is thrilling, funny and provides a moral development for Spider-Man; showcasing why he is one of the best heroes Marvel has ever created.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Doctor Who 'The Doctor Falls' Review

Are you OK? Are you like me- a puddle of emotion and joy? I hope so. With the Master and Missy taunting the Doctor about their false victory, The Doctor does what he does best, he uses his wit, intelligence and kindness to do the best he can to save the children on floor 507 from becoming Cybermen. With Bill now a Cyberman and the Cybermen advancing, The Doctor's last days see him at his most heroic and noble.

The Doctor's heroic acts felt far more rich and powerful seeing as this was the 12th Doctor's last series finale.  Peter Capaldi's performance was stunningly poignant and immensely moving. You can see every regeneration, every death, every regret and mistake spread across those eyebrows.

 Image result for doctor who the doctor falls

Similarly, Michelle Gomez and John Simm were devishly deviant and ruthlessly disturbing in how they transfered their cruelty through such malicious ways. The Master's evolution has sparkled with divine truthfulness in this series as Missy has connected with her empathic consciousness. 

John Simm has equally excelled at his version of the Master; there's a sense that his insanity has matured somewhat but that awareness has made him just as cruel in his nature. He's all the more horrifying. 

Their chemistry is tantalisingly mischievious and they revelled in their own falsity at their glorified belief that winning is the ultimate victory. The Doctor's speech about the hardships of his values and motivation for saving people was superbly executed by Peter Capaldi, and undeniably reinvigorated my love and passion for the Doctor Who consciousness. 

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Bill's predicament was beautifully visualised by Director Rachel Talalay; the switch between Human Bill and Cyber Bill was lavish and stylishly angled. Pearl Mackie's performance was dynamically emotional and fuelled with heart and fine artistry. 

The Cybermen's story has been one of the strongest this series, in particular, the Mondasian Cybermen's mythology and unnerving material aesthetic have added to the unique imagination the series pumps through its creative veins.

Heather's return was an unexpected but nice touch to the completion of Bill's story for this series. The symbolic science that her consciousness lives on regardless of her material body was a perfect tactic in aligning humanity's path to it's spiritual soul. 
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Writer Steven Moffat has produced a psychologically thrilling and powerful adventure that showcases everyone's artistic skill and ingenuity. The Mondasian Cybermen have certainly earned their right at one of the most captivating and horrifying versions of the Doctor's iconic enemies. 

The radiant imagery, passionate performances, gripping character arcs and blissfully golden musical score from Murray Gold makes The Doctor Falls one of the most emotionally twisting, decadently deadly and moving finale episodes the revived series has ever seen. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Doctor Who 'World Enough and Time' Review

The penultimate episode to series 10 charters a new path for Missy as the Doctor enlists Bill and Nardole to act as her companions while she pretends to be 'Doctor Who' for the day. But before the titles even role, we're bombarded with the image of the Doctor glowing a glow that misty, golden regeneration energy signalling an end to his current incarnation.

Rewind to Missy's mission and we find a 400 mile long spaceship emitting a distress signal when Missy mockingly arrives and surveys the situation with as much sass and mischief as you'd expect but with a bucket load more.


Michelle Gomez is dazzling and wickedly naughty as she switches between cunning scientist to arrogant Time Lady. More so, the direction from Rachel Talalay as the Doctor explains his past history with the Master in correlation to Bill getting shockingly killed in so short a time, is a effective use of distracting us from her unexpected death.

As Bill is escorted away by 'the patients' to be repaired, the trepidation of Bill's recovery to the Doctor's explanation of how time moves slower the closer you are to the source of gravity added suspense and fear. In particular, Bill following the echo of the word 'pain' repeated incessantly by one of the Mondasian Cybermen was an unnerving and extremely horrifying moment.

10 Teasers for World Enough and Time | Doctor Who TV

As she befriends The Master in disguise, her solitude counteracts the Doctor's reconciled friendship that he begins to form with Missy. Once they reach the lower half of the ship, The Master reveals himself to Missy with sinister delight and satisfaction. John Simm performs  with a slightly more mature menace with a goatee beard not too unlike that of Roger Delgado's Master. 

The ship's conversion is absent throughout most of the episode yet subtly hints at Missy's personal evolution while prompting the question of whether survival holds any meaning when your humanity is exploitatively removed. 

 World Enough and Time | The Doctor Who Forum

 Peter Capaldi is vividly creative in his performance; his desperation at Bill's sudden death and resistance at feeling hopeful of Missy's evolution are both touching and tragic.

World Enough and Time is a suspenseful, tense, gripping and stomach-achingly funny episode that leads into the final episode; headlining a strong position as one of the best episodes if not the best of series 10.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Aftershow- Producer Brian Minchin

What an episode! Just..... omygodhowdidBillnoMissyMastertwoofthemDoctorBillCYBERMAN! Yep, that was my reaction. Anyway, moving on, this week The Aftershow speaks to executive producer Brian Minchin about World Enough and Time

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Doctor Who 'The Eaters of Light' Review

The Doctor and Bill argue over who knows more about the Ninth Legion as they land in Aberdeen, Scotland, 2nd century AD. The mystery of what happened to the Ninth Legion has baffled many people over the centuries. And now we have the answer- Interdimensional Locusts! As The Doctor and Bill go searching for the Romans, Bill stumbles upon an alien creature with biolumiscent tentacles and the Doctor meets the Picts who are at war with the Romans.

Writer Rona Munro- who is the only writer to have written an episode of Doctor Who from the classic and revised series- returns with an historical piece that explores the complexity of war through one of the guest characters, Kar.

Rona's first story was the last episode of the classic series, named Survival, back in 1989. Both of her episodes contain historical and tribe like mythology that blends wonderfully with the Doctor and companion of today.

 Doctor Who The Eaters of Light

The script is poetic and mysterious as a music melody becomes centre to Missy's continuing development in this episode. The tense atmosphere of the Romans and the Picts remind us of the richness and devastation of the countless wars that have been fought for thousands of years. 

Director Charles Palmer makes full use of the Scottish dampness and vast landscape (Wales doubling for Scotland) as he creates a frantic and unpredictable world; pulling the camera backwards as Bill stumbles from Kar's wrath and the chaotic confrontation with the creature and the Romans is an turbulent and exciting experience.

Doctor Who: "The Eaters of Light" Review - IGN

Actress Rebecca Benson's portrayal of Kar is beautifully real and creative as she explores the grief, regret, sorrow and fear of the position that she's had to uphold as gate keeper. Her character's complexity elevates the emotional scenes with the Doctor exceptionally well.

Bill's role as peace maker is another strong element of the story as we discover her growth as as a person and companion. Pearl Mackie brings some joyful moments of comedy and intelligence to the story. 

Doctor Who: "The Eaters of Light" Review - IGN

The creature itself is a curious and original design with the biolumiscent tentacles and prehistoric aesthetic giving it a ancient and lost quality to its appearance. It would have been great to have learned more about the creatures; how do they communicate? Where are they from? 

But their presence gave the episode a mixture of threat, danger and savageness. The Doctor and Bill's argument that he can't fight every fight was an interesting theme to include as it fitted perfectly within the context of the story. Does the Doctor feel an obligation to sacrifice himself? Is it guilt, bravery or both? 

Missy's continued transformation is one of the most fantastic moments; her frustration at feeling waves of remorse and her amusement at being the maintenance worker for the TARDIS is such a new path for her character to travel towards that her friendship with the Doctor seems to be becoming even more complex and messy.

Rona Munro's return to Doctor Who has been a successful one; she's given us a rich, historical drama with an imaginative creature who's aesthetic is as beautiful as it is terrifying. Missy's story arc is shaping up to be one of the highlights of series 10 and as we head into the finale it looks like the Doctor and Bill are going to have their hands full with two Masters on the loose!