Thursday, 8 May 2008

Collector News Update

Here are some new products to spend your hard earned cash on.

First up are two releases from Enterbay: Bruce Lee 1/6th Scale Enter the Dragon Figures (Version A & B). These are photorealistic models of the martial arts master himself and come with numerous accessories, such as weapons, multiple hands and outfits so you can pose Bruce any way you want, representing various moments from his most famous movie.
I absolutely love these figures and they look far superior to the previously released Real Action Hero line. Being a huge Bruce Lee fan myself I can say that these are an amazing collectors item for fans so pre-order one now from with 25% off for £149.99

Version A

Version B

Next up is the first in a new line of 1/4 scale action figures from Diamond Comics, the 'Star Trek - Ultimate 1/4 Scale Captain Kirk Action Figure'. I'm aware that there will be some Star Wars and Indiana Jones releases in this line but this is the first I've seen offered to the public from the range. This huge Kirk figure stands over 18" tall and sports an incredible 25 points of articulation. Each figure also includes electronic sound clips featuring the voice of Captain Kirk as well as Phaser and Communicator accessories and an additional hand and display stand for the Ultimate Star Trek display!
Not something I'd get myself (even though I am a huge Trek fan) but an amazing item for Trekkers nonetheless. Pre-order Kirk with 28% off for £42.99 from

Some of the most sought after items of 2008 will be the Mezco Heroes Action Figures. On top of the usual waves we're being treated to numerous special figures such as the Flying Peter Petrelli, Damaged Claire and New York Hiro. The one that's being talked about most however is the FUTURE HIRO action figure. This has become a Forbidden Planet International European distribution exclusive so you can only get it there!
Hiro travels to the future using his powers and accidentally meets up with his future-self. It seems the future is a dark place which has forged Hiro into an emotionless warrior. Comes complete with Kensei Sword and Sheath. Pre-order this now at 20% off for £15.99 from

Visit and click on 'New Products' in the 'Product Categories' section on the left to see all the cool new stuff that are being added daily. More great items to come!

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