Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Well, well, well... lookee what we have here! Returning to our screens on Sunday the 11th of May on Sky One is Gladiators, and it's set to be a big comeback for the popular 90's show.

Now hosted by the the stunning Kirsty Gallacher and popular ex footballer Ian Wright, this new series once again brings us determined contestants who go up against muscle-bound Gladiators in multiple events testing strength, endurance and skill for the ultimate prize of £50,000.

Ol 'Stripy shirt' referee John Anderson will return to mediate events with his token 'rrr-eady' phrases and loud Scottish bellow and although there will be more varied events than previously (water events now included for example) the general look and feel will be the same as before, bringing that old 90's nostalgia back to the fans who watched it as kids. Listen out for the new dramatic theme tune!

12 fresh new Gladiators from different physical-discipline backgrounds have been picked for this new series and each one has a silly nickname just as before. They are:
(1) Oblivion, (2) Battleaxe, (3) Atlas, (4) Enigma, (5) Panther, (6) Tempest, (7) Tornado, (8) Ice, (9) Predator, (10) Inferno, (11) Spartan, (12) Destroyer

I've already chosen my favourite of the bunch and that's 'Inferno'. I have no doubt that body of hers could deflect bullets it's so rock hard! Nothing on Jet of course but the best of the bunch for me ;)

Although I'm not going to say I'm looking forward to this new run of Gladiators just yet I have to say I loved the original series when names like Wolf, Cobra, Jet, Hunter, Shadow, Nightshade and Lightning (to name but a few) were all household names and kids used to talk about their favourite character in the playground and swap stickers with their mates. I know I had an obsession with Jet (Diane Youdale) back in the day, and I certainly wasn't the only one. I had posters, pictures, figures, badges and stickers all over my room of this lovely lady. When she left I no longer had much interest for the show and the newer Gladiators never hit the mark for me.

We'll see if the new series has anywhere near the impact of the 90's show (I won't hold my breath) but with new talent in both the presenting and Gladiator cast it may well get past it's first season without being shot down by retro fans and critics. On the plus side I've read that there will be 3 'legends specials' that will have classic UK Gladiators Hunter, Saracen, Lightning and Scorpio return to the arena as special Contenders facing the might of the brand new team. That in itself should be worth watching!

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Oh and just for my own satisfaction here's another pic of Jet, in a skimpy bikini... Ah those were the days...

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