Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Currently I'm...

Okay so during my spare time away from my kids, my work and everything else I do I play loads of video games and watch far too much TV, I am a TV addict...

Here's a short rundown of what I'm currently playing and watching, are you anything like me?...

Video Games:

SAINTS ROW 2 (X-BOX 360) 9/10 Pure chaotic fun!
FARCRY 2 (X-BOX 360) 8/10 Overly realistic but enthralling.
CALL OF DUTY 4 (X-BOX 360 + LIVE) 9/10 Best FPS around at the mo and great online!
LEGO BATMAN AND ROBIN (X-BOX 360) 8/10 Great to play with my 5 year old daughter but too much like the other Lego games before it.
SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL (Wii) 8/10 Addictive game play and amazing single player adventure mode.
PRO EVO 6 (X-BOX 360) 8/10 My favourite 2 player game of the moment before Gears of War 2 comes out this week.

SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES: SEASON 2 8/10 Great second season for an increasingly enjoyable movie spin off (Lena Heady rocks)
THE UNIT: SEASON 4 10/10 My favourite series of all time never fails to impress me.
SMALLVILLE: SEASON 8 6/10 It's got some good moments but it's heading downhill now.
AMERICAN DAD: SEASON 4 9/10 Possibly the funniest animated series I watch, Roger never fails to make me laugh.
HEROES: SEASON 3 9/10 A little slow to start but always good TV.
STAR WARS - CLONE WARS: SEASON 1 9/10 Better than the animated movie and good for adults as well as kids this series is getting better by the episode.
KNIGHT RIDER 2008: SEASON 1 8/10 I love this series even if people have their doubts.
STARGATE ATLANTIS: SEASON 5 7/10 Not a fantastic season to be it's last but I love anything Stargate so it's great for me!
FRINGE: SEASON 1 9/10 So far this series has blown me away. I love the characters and the stories are like a scientific X-files exert. Can't wait to get some answers to questions raised!

I'm also watching various programmes on Sky such as Last Man Standing, Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, Dirty Sanchez Get High, The Prisoner (Celebs behind bars) and the reruns of my favourite Star Trek series of all time; Deep Space Nine.

How the Hell I get through all this in the little time I have to myself is beyond me!...

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