Sunday, 9 November 2008

Johnny Five is alive! And so are many others...

Johnny Five will be updated for his remake movie. Don't kill my loving memories of the original film Hollywood!

It would seem that movie companies are having a hard time thinking up new ideas recently. Not only do we have comic books and video games being transferred to the silver screen in their dozens and sequel after sequel of films like Saw and Bond being churned out on an almost yearly basis but now it seems painfully clear that remakes are now increasing exponentially. Remakes are nothing new, we've had some movies made up to 3 or 4 times over and some are better than the original material and some aren't. There have been remakes such as King Kong, Poseidon, Psycho, Assault on Precinct 12, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Pink Panther, The Italian Job etc etc to name but a few.

You would have probably heard by now that new films such as Friday the 13th and The Day the Earth stood still are to be released soon, but the news is just full of numerous other remakes being on the cards in the next few years. In San Diego I saw an advertisement for the Robocop remake for example which I feel is wrong. Trying to remake a film like Robo (seeing as the original is so spot on and Paul Verhoven had such a specific way of directing) makes me worry that Hollywood can't translate these movies into our time and get away with it.

Below is a list of remakes on the cards to either get excited about or dread. You'll have to make your own decision and wait to see if they actually get made.

Although it's not a remake I have to say I'm also highly excited to see the A-team being made into a movie soon too!

The Shadow (I actually liked the Adam Baldwin original, so sue me)
Battle Royale
The Last Starfighter (woo hoo!)
The Evil Dead (Really? Noooo)
Knight Rider (Remake of the original movie, not the series)
Conan The Barbarian (Very cool!)
Logan’s Run
Death Wish
Fahrenheit 451
Friday The 13th (Leave it alone!)
Last House On The Left
Tron (Actually "Tron 2.0" so hopefully a sequel, looking forward to this one)
Clash of the Titans (loved the original)
Akira (live action, can it translate over?)
The Birds
A Nightmare On Elm Street (Oh for God's sake!)
Westworld (Good potential)
The Warriors
Escape From New York (Please God make this good!)
Short Circuit (I'm 8 years old all over again!)
Straw Dogs
Red Sonja (I hate Rose McGowan, bring back Bridgette!)
The Dirty Dozen
Dune (Loved the original, but will they get rid of the confusion?)
The Thing (classic film with great potential)
Near Dark
The Swarm
The Witches (Loved the original)

The Last Starfighter. One of my favourite movies as a kid.

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Anonymous said...

Adam Baldwin was never in The Shadow, it was one of the Baldwin brothers.