Friday, 19 December 2008

Casting Rumour For Captain America? My choices included.

The web is currently ablaze with angry fans over an American radio show interview with American Gladiator Titan a.k.a Mike O'Hearn and his claims that he has not only had auditions for the role of Conan in the upcoming remake but also for Captain America... It's not unbelievable that they'd be looking for someone of O'Hearn's stature for Conan, although he's more He-Man looking than Conan to me, but to think Marvel Studios would even entertain the thought that he'd suit the role of Cap is beyond my understanding and really verges on being a big steaming pile of BS. Nothing against the guy, it's just that he's not a veteran actor like the other recent Marvel movie choices and he's way too big for Cap. We'll see how that rumour turns out. In the meantime I thought I'd post up some of my personal choices for the role of the First Avenger that my colleagues and I were discussing at work the other day. None of them are 100% perfect but they're good choices for one reason or another. First though you have to consider these casting rules that I think are worth noting:

1) He is not far off in age to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) so having an actor who is too young isn’t feasible.
2) He is tall, well built, blonde hair and blue eyes. Having someone who isn’t naturally this way will ruin the film.
3) He is a World War II hardened veteran and needs to be a natural leader of men who soldiers will follow into battle and we can believe completely on screen.
4) Captain America is not just a character/ hero he’s an American icon, he needs to exude natural charisma and strength and needs to fit his costume perfectly.
5) He needs to be a serious role with no jokes. This guy is a soldier through and through and has seen his friends and comrades die around him in horrific ways and has fought in the worst possible conditions imaginable. Iron Man could afford humour, Cap can’t.
6) You'll need to believe Cap could take on the Hulk by himself with no fear and the very good possibility of winning the fight with only his bare hands/ shield.

OK here goes... In no particular order.

Viggo Mortenson: He has the age, the hardened looks and the screen presence for a more refined Cap, a leader of men as in LOTR.

Ryan Reynolds: Almost perfect for any superhero role (and about to star as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) Reynolds would be great and has the physicality for the role but would Marvel cast him again? Unlikely. I'd rather see him as DC's The Flash!

Matthew McConaughey: My number one choice apart from his natural Texan accent. He’d need to lose his cockyness and bravado a little too. Sahara sold me on his action hero status.

Eric Bana: I’m not a big fan of his but he has the stature and the looks, just needs to improve his acting skills slightly and forget all about the first Hulk!

Channing Tatum: Almost perfect but too young (about to star as Duke in G.I. Joe).

Adam Baldwin: He has a huge sci-fi fan following and has the age, build and military aura that could suit Cap well.

Chris Evans: Too young but a good replacement for Ryan Reynolds as he has the body and the physical presence. Problem being that he's also Marvel's Human Torch from Fantastic Four.

Aaron Eckhart: I'm trying to think of a reason Aaron isn't perfect for the role of Cap and I can't think of one. OK so he's been Two-Face in Dark Knight, but he's a great actor and definitely looks the part...

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