Friday, 2 January 2009

Urban Myths Topcow Pilot Season Comic Rocks!

As I've said many times before I love coming across something randomly on the internet. I can't remember how I came across this a couple of days back but I was really happy that I did.

Urban Myths is a fantastic comic book created by writer Jay Faerber and drawn by Jorge Molina which was entered in the 'Pilot Season' contest this year and came in 3rd. Pilot Season 2008 was a contest run by Top Cow Comics, an imprint of Image Comics, in which six different standalone books were created and voted upon by comic book fans. The premise of the contest was that the two books that received the most votes at the end of the process would be given a six issue mini-series. Unfortunately as Urban Myths came in 3rd it didn't get the chance to be printed and that's a travesty as it really does rock.

The Premise of the initial comic:

Imagine a world in which Minotaurs are police officers and a Cyclopes is a street thug – welcome to the world of Urban Myths. The story features a private investigator named Jack Kaklamanis, but everyone calls him Jack Medusa based on the “good looks” he inherited from his mom. Jack wears a metal mask around as to not turn everyone to stone and is investigating a girl who has come up missing. Jack finds out that she has put herself in a coma and gone to Hades to find her father who passed away. Jack must follow her to Hades and deal with all of the downfalls of crossing the River Styx and facing old foes that you yourself had killed.

Visit the site which gives you all the details of the would-be comic and also acts as an online petition to get the production rolling with Top Cow regardless of the fact that it failed to come in the top two slots for the competition.

If you get a spare few minutes read the whole first issue of the comic online at Newsrama, it really is worth your time!

Here are a few snaps of the comic itself. I want to read this Top Cow, make it so!

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