Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hunter Prey - Sandy Collora Returns...

If you're a Youtube browser on even a comic fan who accidentally came across his work in the past (as I did a few years back) you'll know who "Sandy Collora" is.

Starting at the young age of 17 at Stan Winston studios as an assistant on "Leviathan" and "Alien Nation", Sandy Collora honed his creature design and sculpting skills, eventually moving on to work with Rob Bottin, Steve Johnson and Rick Baker. His design credits include some pretty well known films such as The Abyss, Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, Predator 2, The Crow and Men in Black among many others.

I, and many others like me, know Collora as the creator, writer, director, costume designer and producer (in other words he pretty much did everything himself) of two absolutely stunning short fan films BATMAN: DEAD END (A Batman vs Predator short film) and WORLD'S FINEST (A faux trailer for a Batman/ Superman team up movie). Both are monumental achievements for the low budget/ fan films that they are and are well known and much loved in the geek community.

Sandy Collora is now lending his highly skilled hands to a new sci-fi movie called "Hunter Prey", a film which follows a team of special forces commandos (who look pretty damn amazing, kinda Boba Fett-like) who must recapture an escaped alien prisoner after the military transport ship carrying it crashes on a desolate and hostile planet.

After shooting in Mexico last year, the film has been in post-production since, with visual effects being added. "I think people are going to be shocked at the level of CG that was achieved for such a low budget film. Everything is seamless. Natural. Unobtrusive. The CG enhances the world and the story, and is only used where we felt it necessary, and is not overbearing. It compliments the movie quite well," Collora said. As this was an entirely independently financed production, it doesn't have a distributor yet, and won't likely find one until Collora starts showing it around to studios this summer.

Having heard this movie would be coming out a while back I was extremely excited and impatient to see the finished product. The few pictures that are available are in this post and as you can see it could well be a instant classic hit with fans.

Hopefully we'll see Hunter Prey released sometime in 2009...

And just in case you missed them here are Collora's two previous wonders. I love both... I'd actually loved to see both go to full movie length.

Batman: Dead End

World's Finest

Superman is played by none other than Titan from American Glaiators; Mike O'Hearn. He fits the role pretty well!

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