Saturday, 11 April 2009

Monsters vs Aliens - Mini Review

Yesterday morning, before I had to go to a wedding, I took my eldest daughter to see Monsters vs Aliens at the cinema.

I've been waiting a hell of a long time for this film, longer than most, as I knew of the film, its plot and its characters before anything was out there because of my work. Being the huge fan of Dreamworks and Pixar movies that I am I couldn't wait to see this one.

I really did end up enjoying the pants off of this film... Yeah it's got some obvious sections here and there which are for the 3D viewers (we saw the non 3D version) like the bouncing ball at the beginning and various items or characters flying towards the screen for no reason etc and there were some very strange things that happen that seem so random you wonder if the creative team were smoking pot when they were making it (the President playing Axel F to the giant robot probe for instance?) but overall it was a great half-term popcorn flick for parents and adults alike to enjoy.

I'd seen reviews online where it was said Reese Witherspoon's character Susan/ Ginormica was boring and unlikable, but I have to disagree. I thought her animation, as well as the other characters, was great (the doe eyes were pretty mesmerising) and as she was the main protagonist who we follow from normal average town girl to 50ft alien basher I believe she was the reality-grounding for the story. We're supposed to think of her as us if we were in the same position. What would we think and do if our World was ripped away from us and our choices were no longer our own?

This is however all counteracted by some pretty zany supporting cast members like B.O.B, Dr. Cockroach, The Missing Link, Insectosaurus and Galaxhar who all hold their own in this movie with some funny dialogue and special scenes.

The movie is predictable, the ending especially, but there are some emotional scenes that are quite grown up for a movie aimed at kids and by the end of the whole thing you come out having really enjoyed the experience. It's a feel-good movie with some strong metaphors for believing in yourself and accepting what you are, for teamwork and friendship and for sacrifice for the greater good.

I'd say that B.O.B (Seth Rogen) was probably my favourite character and the President (Stephen Colbert) was my least favourite (although the screaming woman in the war room was f'ing annoying!).

One of my favourite bits of dialogue is:

The Missing Link: [about Susan] She's speechless!

B.O.B.: She?

Dr. Cockroach Ph.D.: Yes. We are in the presence of the rare female monster.

B.O.B.: No way! It's a boy; look at his boobies!

The Missing Link: We need to have a talk.

Reese Witherspoon as Susan/ Ginormica, Seth Rogen as B.O.B, Hugh Laurie as Dr. Cockroach, Will Arnett as The Missing Link and Rainn Wilson as Galaxhar.

Definitley one not to miss this half-term!


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