Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New "OnLive" System To Revolutionise Gaming

The Crimson Blur mentioned something to me the other day that was highly interesting. A new gaming device called the "OnLive Micro Console", founded by noted technology entrepreneur Steve Perlman (WebTV, QuickTime), will allow gamers to "play the hottest current titles instantly on your TV, PC or Mac through your broadband Internet connection. Access OnLive from your PC or Mac via a small browser plug-in, or from your TV via the OnLive MicroConsole".

There's no set cost yet but OnLive is set for a tentative general release in Winter 09 and will feature the following:

*OnLive works over nearly any broadband connection (DSL, cable modem, fiber, or through the LAN at your college or office). For Standard-Definition TV resolution, OnLive needs a 1.5 Mbps connection. For HDTV resolution (720p60), OnLive needs 5 Mbps.

*All you need is your TV, an OnLive MicroConsole and a couple of cables. Power up and play!

*Since the game is running in the OnLive data center, the system requirements are pretty low. All you need is a PC running a current version of Windows XP® or Vista®, or an Intel®-based Mac running a current version of OS X.

*Downloading a game s really fast – it’s instant, unlike anything anyone has tried before.

*OnLive games are patched and updated automatically for customers in the OnLive data center. So, games start up the instant they're clicked on.

*There isn’t anything like the OnLive system in terms of instant access to the latest games, a media-rich experience, ease of use, and ability to play on your TV, or entry-level PC, or Mac.

*OnLive works with its partners to deliver the newest titles as soon as they’re released. No waiting in lines, pre-ordering, or waiting on shipments. Just connect and play!

*You can play the latest and greatest demos, and even rent games to try them out. OnLive also lets you watch the top players as a way to discover new games and learn a few new tricks.

*The games listed on the OnLive site are just the games OnLive are announcing right now and showing at the 2009 Game Developers Conference. They expect to have more titles available at launch.

*Multiplayer is completely supported. Even beyond normal online multiplayer action, OnLive has many social features that make it a great place to watch your friends, join in, and record and share your highlights (or lowlights).

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Great Article. Onlive will revolutionize gaming, and if they don't, another company will a year or two down the line.