Friday, 24 April 2009

Primeval Movie In The Works?

One of my current favourite T.V programmes is the UK ITV show 'Primeval'. I've been watching since the very first episode right into the current 3rd series airing on Saturday nights, and I love it to bits.

Apart from the fact that it stars some great acting talent, has a bunch of hot English totty and features kick-ass Dinosaurs (c'mon, who doesn't like Dinosaurs?) it's actually a really good programme with an effective story concept and mysterious subplot which has been bubbling away in the background quite nicely for a while. I can't fault this show with its 'Dino/ Monster of the week' premise and the newest step towards mythical creatures and a mix up of the cast has been a welcome, although for me unnecessary, change.

News has recently showed up online through BBC America that Warner Brothers and Impossible Pictures are developing a feature film based on the series. Although no further news is available (what other news do you really need, as long as the main cast are all there) but this is something I'm really happy to hear about.

British T.V. always has some pretty heavy Worldwide support (SDCC 08 was a good example for Primeval) and if you look at the global popularity of something like Dr. Who, which isn't always a superior series to Primeval in my opinion, then you have a show that has the potential to go far and a movie that could be a hit.

And one thing to the producers of the show. It's obvious that getting Hannah Spearitt to appear in her underwear again in the first episode of series 3 was an attempt to get the male half of the UK to help up the ratings, and of course there's nothing wrong with that, but I beg you to do it just one more time... and for longer... just imagine a cinema sized Hannah Spearitt in her undies!

*inevitable whoopass coming from the missus if she reads that!*

Hannah in Primeval as Abby Maitland. And just in case you think she looks way too young, she's 28 years old (26 in this pic). 3 years younger than me!

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