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Supernatural - A Dark Knight's Obsession

A Dark Knight Post

As promised, I now feel the need to share with you loyal blog readers the wondrous series that is SUPERNATURAL......and for those of you that get bored easily, I promise to sum it up in all its wonders in under 1000 words.......and a few clips to wet your appetite.

So far we have seen our main characters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles - previously of SMALLVILLE!), running and gunning across America, killing all sorts of things that go bump in the night. Its 4 seasons......soon to be 5 (already confirmed by CW!! good choice guys).....have seen them searching for their father (WATCHMEN'S COMEDIAN played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), making deals with cross-road demons, trying to cheat death, and going to Hell....and in the latest season we see our brothers being led down a dangerous path by angels!!!

Now that's a lot to take in, but stay with me. In between the stand alone episodes we have seen the overwhelming urge grow for the Winchester brothers (and various friends) to track down a yellow eyed demon who killed their mother, and who gives Sam some demon powers intending to make him the leader of a demon army that will storm heavens gates and turn the Earth into the Devils playground.

Now I'll admit that I'll watch almost anything SCI-FI or fantasy to fill in for our bigger shows (SG-1, BATTLESTAR, and the like) which is why I started watching this show, but it soon changed from a filler to an addiction. While the first season of the show had the massive task of setting up years of back story and mythos, it managed to do this without sacrificing the humor, horror, and sheer brilliance of the show. I can only explain this as the fact ERIC KRIPKE, ROBERT SINGER, KIM MANNERS AND McG (the producers of the show) are on top of their creative games...and Ackles and Padalecki have presence and charisma oozing out of them.

I won't give you massive spoilers about the show because i always find watching it better than someone gushing about it.....but suffice to say it rocks in every way, even down to the music such as AC-DC and heavy rock playing every 5 minutes.

If you've never seen it WATCH IT NOW! (almost every episode free to watch via these links for SURFTHECHANNEL.COM or PROJECT FREE TV!!!) and if you have watched some, and then stopped; SHAME ON YOU!!!!

With season 4 being probably the most gripping and dark season so far, it's one not to be missed.

Watch the clips......some funny, some just plain scary.....and enjoy whilst being converted.

And as promised I've included some photo's of the boys..............and for us red blooded males, a few of the hotties that have graced the show over the years!!!

Check out some of the bloopers, best bits, and one of my favourite scenes (you'll see why at the end.......god bless YOUTUBE.

Supernatural 3.03 - I'm Batman!

Supernatural Season 2's Funniest Dean & Sam Moments

Supernatural Bloopers Season 2

I think I just about kept it under 1000 words...if not....tough!!!! ; )

Enjoy....I do.

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki - The Winchester Brothers

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki - The Winchester Brothers (again)

Katie Casidy - Ruby

Katie Casidy - Ruby

Lauren Cohan - Bela

Tricia Helfer - Molly

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