Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Star Wars And More!

Another e-mail from Jedi Master Nads has revealed some pretty cool stuff yet again, both Star Wars themed and otherwise.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Game For PSP and DS

Having owned Battlefront II on both the PS2 and PSP I was happy to hear that a new game in the series is set to hit shelves later this year in the form of 'Elite Squadron'. This new release presents a new and much welcomed addition to the game play where you can not only fight on the ground and in space as before but you can now actually enter a vehicle whilst on the surface of a planet on foot and fly it manually up into space for a battle and then dock with a Capital Starship! Sounds like fun!

Read all about the game on HERE

The Video Of Carrie Fisher's Funny Speech At the AFI Tribute To George Lucas

I saw the whole AFI tribute to George Lucas on Sky a long while ago but Jedi Master Nads reminded me of this little snippet featuring everyone's favourite Princess... No not Cinderella... No not Sleeping Beauty... No not fricking Ariel! Princess 'I snogged my brother' Leia aka Carrie Fisher! It gives you a little insight into Carrie herself, and just how funny she really is (or should that be 'tragic' she is?), and puts a smile on your face throughout.

Collecting Jabba The Hutt Merchandise

Another link from the treasure trove that is features numerous items that have been on sale over the years featuring the green 'Leia licker' himself 'Jabba The Hutt'. I'm proud to say I actually own a few of these, but I'm equally proud to say I don't own number 10 on the list... You'll see what that is when you get there! Emerald Knight actually pointed out to me today (when we saw this in the new Diamond Previews catalogue) that there are probably a few screwed up people out there who use this in their sci-fi themed sex games... I shudder at the thought...

Visit the page HERE

Star Wars Video E-cards For Father's Day

As the UK will celebrate Father's Day next month it seems only fitting that Hallmark have some Star Wars themed e-cards on their site for you to send to your sci-fi loving Dad! Click this link HERE for not only Star Wars themed Father's Day e-cards but also Indy, Twilight and Princess Bride holiday/ special occasion e-cards too!

4 New Products From

You got here before me mate! I was going to post these up but there are so many cool things for me to put up I was waiting til the weekend. Oh well, here are 4 of Jedi Master Nads' chosen items from FPI. Click the product name below each pic to go straight to the relevant FPI web page.

RRP £19.99 FPI PRice £14.99
Save: 25% off

She-Ra 2010 Calendar
RRP £9.99 FPI Price £7.99
Save: 20% off

Sideshow - She Hulk Comiquette Statue
RRP £179.99 FPI Price £129.99
Save: 28% off

Star Wars - Storm Trooper Dashboard Buddy
RRP £9.99 FPI Price £8.99
Save: 10% off

Jodie Marsh - WTF?

Recently I posted a pic or two of Mel B (Spice Girls) and her ultra toned body which kinda worried me a bit due to how solid and butch she looked. Now it seems that the mistress of plastic surgery, Jodie Marsh, has jumped in and is now sporting a body worthy of a WWE Diva! Looks like she's put a lot of work in here!

I have to say that I was totally shocked when I saw these pics, I mean she's not HUGE by any means, she's just super toned... Look at those thighs! F**k cracking walnuts between them, she could bend steel girders!

Enjoy the pics... if you're into this sort of thing!

G.I. Joe - New International Poster

A new poster has just been released online by Empire for the upcoming big budget camp-fest, sorry I mean blockbuster, G.I. Joe.

It's actually quite a good looking poster and I can't get enough of Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols in their rather tight fitting PVC/ leather outfits. I believe this is also the first "official" look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Cobra Commander in the top right, but of course I could be wrong!

Transformers 2 - New Posters

Yet another 2 new Revenge of the Fallen posters have been released this week and again it looks like Bumblebee will take a much more prolific role in the new movie. Having Optimus and Bumblebee in the first one and then Bumblebee by himself promoting IMAX vesrions of the movie show his increased importance... Will we see more of him than Optimus in the new film? I hope not, nothing against him, but Optimus is the Leader! Not long now anyways so we'll see!

Buffy And Flight Of The Navigator Remakes Announced?

So yes the rumors were true, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is indeed making a cinematic comeback! But what's this? Joss Whedon has no involvement in the project? WHAT? Isn't Buffy his baby and hasn't he been fighting for another movie for God knows how long?

Taking a leaf out of the recent Star Trek re-boot Buffy will be a complete re-launch with no links to the old movie or series and won't feature any of the characters we know and love... Unfortunately for Joss When the original movie's director Fran Rubel Kuzui has held the movie rights since she discovered his script way back when and so far no writer, director or Hollywood studio has been chosen. Whedon's involvement isn't out of the question (supposedly), but it's just a matter of contacting him... so the question is "will they"? I certainly hope so!

Another re-boot heading to our cinema's very soon will be 'Flight of the Navigator', the old 1986 kids sci-fi film about a 12 year old boy who was abducted by aliens in 1978 and reappears some years later with no memory and not having aged at all. Secrets about the boys connection with the ship are revealed which leads to government attempts to exploit him. He takes control of the morphing alien ship and goes joyriding around the world with the ships controller Max and eventually gets reunited with his family...

I used to love this movie when I was younger and it was one of those memorable films that has some stand out visuals that will always stick in your mind like the ship, Max or the little creature...

I hope they do this one well and keep pretty close to the original storyline. If not it could end up being another 'The day the Earth stood still' failure...

Gotta love the morphing ship!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

David Tennant To Appear In Sarah Jane Adventures

You may well think that David Tennant will only appear 5 times in 2009 for his own Dr.Who stories before handing over to Matt Smith, but the BBC have just announced that he'll appear in two episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures starting in September too. And it won't just be a cameo either, it will be a full appearance when the Doctor helps Sarah Jane fight their biggest threat ever. I never did watch this series but I heard it got some good feedback and having Tennant appear seems to solidify its existance and right to exist as a legitimate separate entity within the Who universe.

Read the whole story over at the BBC site HERE which also features a video of Russel T Davies talking about Tennant's appearance too.

More Star Wars Goodies!

Jedi Master Nads sent over these various Star Wars themed links and products the other day. Some very cool stuff!

Star Wars Ep1 Mimobots

Mimoco, makers of the MIMOBOT collection of designer USB flash drives, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace with an all-new series of themed MIMOBOT characters, beginning with the iconic, tattooed face of the deadly Sith apprentice, Darth Maul.

Episode I’s fan favorite Sith villain is scheduled to be released on June 10th at and will be accompanied by additional Star Wars characters that will be revealed on that date as well. Darth Maul is the thirteenth character in the Star Wars MIMOBOT collection of flash drives, joining current Series 3 characters such as evil Darth Sidious, the Emperor’s Royal Guard, adorable Wicket the Ewok, and the golden protocol droid C-3PO.

Stay tuned for more exciting Star Wars MIMOBOT transmissions over the next couple weeks to see what develops in Series 4. Mimoco’s original limited edition Star Wars MIMOBOT Series was released in 2006 with most characters long since sold out. The MIMOBOT line, available in 1GB to 8GB capacities, is known for exclusive preloaded digital extras that include Star Wars-themed icons, avatars, screensavers, wallpapers, and the mimoByte™ Sound Software that plays authentic Star Wars audio clips when MIMOBOT is inserted or ejected from one’s computer.

Acme Archives Website

If you haven't had the pleasure of ever coming across Acme Archive's products, either in person at an event, or online, then now's your chance. Visit this LINK to view some great Star Wars themed Giclee and canvas pictures. I actually own the 'Light of the Jedi' Clone Wars Giclee and the Indy 'Escaping the Tomb' animated versions and they are truly beautiful pieces. If you're a fan of Star Wars, Indy, Disney, Halo or a bunch of other licenses then you'll want to take a gander at the site.

Crazy Guy Made Huge Minifig Scale Lego Corellian Corvette!

Craig Steven a British Lego artist has made an awesome scale model of the Tantive IV, the Corellian Corvette Blockade Runner made famous in the opening scene from Star Wars EpIV - A New Hope. Craig has built numerous sculptures out of Lego based on famous films and people and the 12 foot Tantive IV is the latest in a long line of SW themed vehicles. You can visit his site HERE and look at his various creations (down the right hand side of the site). Some pretty cool stuff and a great fan talent.

Star Wars Episode 1 Posters

As this year marks the 10 year anniversary of Phantom Menace have celebrated in numerous ways. Two links here show not only the top 1o Phantom Menace posters but also the variations of the famous international one-sheet poster in many different languages. Worth a look if you're a die-hard fan or simply love the posters more than the movie itself (I know that's true for some!). Click on the links below to view the relevant pages.

Top 10 Phantom Menace Posters

International One-Sheet Poster Variations

Clone Wars Play Huts For Kids (And The Parents Of Course!)

When I was a kid I used to love making a fort or base out of various scatter cushions and a foldaway mattress thingy in our family living room. I used to pretend it was my impenetrable fortress and would read comics, play my Gameboy or even watch T.V. in there. I think all kids, mainly boys, do that at some point but it always better when there's actually something specifically made for that kind of thing. Especially when they're Star Wars themed aswell! In the US Amazon, Toys R US and Wal-Mart are all selling these 4 ultra funky Clone Wars Playhuts. All are pictured below this paragraph but you can also find a link showing the whole set on HERE too. I want one! (for the kids of course).

Death Star Blows Up Enterprise

It's amazing what fans can do these days with a video editing programme and some basic special effects. This cool little video shows the age old battle of the Trekkers and the Star Wars fans being finally won when the Death Star takes out the USS Enterprise. Enjoy it!

Star Wars Lucha Libre Masks

Yet another link from finds some Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) masks created by artist Randy Martinez that you can print out for the kids to wear. And of course they're based on Star Wars characters! Visit this LINK for the images or click the pic below and enlarge.

Femtroopers And Sci-Fi Themed Babes

Do you have a thing for women dressed as Sci-fi charaters? Do Femtroopers ignite your lightsaber? Well the two links below will be just the thing you're looking for. Take a gander at some of the various pics that show geeky dream girls in costumes you'll like! Now I know why TK421 isn't at his post... He's reading Femtrooper monthly in the Deathstar toilets! ;P


7 Sexy Sci-fi Costumes Uses The Force

A very cool site Jedi Master Nads came across not only has a little page dedicated to various Darth Vader themed pics found HERE but also has some funny videos and images that are worth the visit when you're bored. Find the main site HERE and enjoy!
(Oh and Jedi Master Nads would like me to direct your attention to this link HERE for the babes page in particular!)

Japanese Star Wars 'Pachinko' Machines

Over in Japan there is a countrywide gaming/ gambling phenomenon called 'Pachinko'. Pachinko are basically upright pinball slot-machines and there are entire casino's dedicated to them. Recently Sankyo have made some new Star Wars themed machines which look pretty cool and you can read all about them via this LINK over at
I love the decals on these, the anime style Star Wars characters are fantastic!

Happy Birthday Star Wars!

Little did I know that my eldest daughter shared her birthday with the first ever cinema release of Star Wars Ep IV 32 years ago yesterday (the 25th of May). She's a 6 year old who loves SW to death so it's only fitting I suppose! Happy 32nd Birthday Star Wars!

Vader's Quest - Fan Made Star Wars Story With Action Figures!

Over at a fan with far too much time on his hands has utilised Star Wars action figures and vehicles, some photoshop skills and a fair bit of ingenuity to put together an ongoing visual story set in the SW universe. Regardless of how professional or not the whole thing looks you have to admire someone who goes to this much trouble to entertain the forum members. Yakface itself is a huge site with loads of links to everything SW related but this story got Jedi Master Nad's attention in particular. Visit this LINK to read the latest chapter of this story.

Well, that was a long post! Hope you Star Wars fans out there find something you like!

Goodbye for now and may the Force be with you! ;P

Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Is Ultra Cool!

The Emerald Knight sent me this message today which I thought was quite funny:

Dear Kryptonian warrior,

For Christmas this year I would like ...

A Tauntaun sleeping bag!

...Please tell Santa.

When I looked into the history of the product he was mentioning it was actually quite interesting. It seems the website 'Thinkgeek' posted the Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag up as an April fool's gag, a very good one at that, but if you actually now look at the original link HERE you'll see on the right hand side that the site is now looking into making this item for real!

It's actually a fantastically original idea and I'm surprised no-one has come up with it before, it's now just a matter of getting the license so that the item can be made. If it does go head I'm sure it'll sell phenomenally well! My daughter would love one I'm sure! Genius...

Monday, 25 May 2009

V - New Images

So the hype is slowly building for the revamped 2009 series of 'V' and 4 more pics have been released. 2 are of Morena Baccarin as the leader of the aliens 'Anna' and 2 are of Laura 'my god she's hot' Vandervoort as Lisa. Not too sure about Morena's short hair here, doesn't suit her like the long hair she sported in both Firefly and Stargate SG-1, but holy crap does Laura look hot in these pics. The gratuitous cleavage shot is obviously to get all the geeks panting in anticipation... It's working...

Still have my doubts about this series but I'm ready to be amazed...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

London MCM Expo 2009 - Afterthoughts

Yesterday I attended the bi-yearly London MCM Expo at the Excel centre.

I've attended for the last few years, quite a few of those times with Dark Knight, and it's usually a worthwhile experience. I have to say that this time though it was a bit of a letdown due to a number of reasons.

First off we've attended the last few using industry passes (given to me because of work) and we've always got in around 8:30am and been able to walk around the event while people are setting up their stands and eye up where everything is before the event opens at 9am. Usually it's for us to know where the big guests will be sitting so that we can get to them first and sort out our autographs early on to then be able to walk around and enjoy the rest afterwards. Unfortunately this time we got told (for the first time I might add) that industry passes don't allow access before 9am only exhibitor passes do... So DK and I were a little miffed to say the least, seeing as we arrived there at 8am! Anyway that didn't really matter too much because as it happens we had someone on the inside who had two spare exhibitor passes for us so we managed to get in early regardless. It was just the way that we were told and the attitude that went with it which p'd us right off and kinda ruined the start of the event for us.

The MCM event is always worth a visit and that's always been because the exhibitors are quite unique, the guests are usually quite prolific and don't attend other UK events that often, and it's in London which is only a short drive for us Essex boys. But the May event this year just wasn't that good... There weren't that many guests this year that piqued our interest (we ended up only getting Linda Hamilton's autograph in the end) but I know people like Tony Curtis and Lindsay Wagner etc were big for others. The 'smileys' or 'autograph tokens' have now gone up a fiver to £20 each. And generally the whole thing felt a bit soulless and lacking in positive atmosphere. Even poor old Craig Charles looked so depressed to be sitting there at his table (why the hell was he plonked over on that crappy little desk with Gareth David Lloyd???) that he probably could have taken his own life quite easily with a paper cut from a torn out page of the £15 Red Dwarf book that was being flogged (which was just one of the items you 'had' to buy to get his auto, no smileys for him or Gareth). I'm hoping he cheers up for the 'Better than life' Red Dwarf con in Bedford next month as I've paid a lot of money for the Gold Pass for that one!

I know that other people were having fun (and there were a hell of a lot of people there this time) and The Emerald Knight and The Crimson Blur really seemed to enjoy it, but I guess DK and I just didn't get a hell of a lot out of it. Having diabetes and arthritis in my lower body I was already bloody hungry and bloody knackered by the time Linda turned up to sign at 10:30am (I felt like killing the dude who got like 20 autos and knocked over Linda's coffee!) and I had my daughter's 6th birthday party to go to at 4pm (which nearly frickin killed me I'll tell you!) so I was running on empty by the time we left around 1pm. I hope that those of you that did attend enjoyed it. If you're reading this and want to comment on your experience there this weekend please do so, I'd love to hear what you thought.

I'd like to add something to this post which loads of people post about on the event forums and there's always so much debate on... Cosplayers and free huggers...

I have nothing against cosplayers, this is not a negative comment towards them in general, I've attended events dressed in off-world black Stargate SG-1 gear myself once or twice, but my god there are some strange people out there. A lot of the cosplayers this year were pretty good, and a few were fantastically unique but there are a good few who are just plain psychotic and downright annoying when dressed up and DK and I actually quite enjoy laughing at these few ( I know that sounds evil). It's not cruel and I'm not ribbing them for dressing up, I'm simply saying that you few give cosplayers a bad name when you're running around screaming and waving cardboard weapons in people's faces. I feel like buying a tazer for next time just to zap the next git that gets in my face with a cosplay scythe or sword!

Oh and the 'Free Hugs' people: This is not the day and age to be doing that crap anymore guys and girls. It's just too weird... I saw one teenage guy actually just standing there with a piece of cardboard above his head, with free hugs written on it, with the scariest smile I think I've ever seen... What's with that anyway? Free hugs is not something people should be encouraged to indulge in with strangers at any age, I don't care what anyone says. I'm a dad of 2 girls and I would never allow them to do something like that, I'd be f'ing mortified if they did. You may think it's all harmless and very social but at the end of the day it's not something that should be happening at a public event no matter how innocent the motives are. I've never seen that at a Showmasters event like Film and Comic Con or Collectormainia... Maybe it's just an MCM thing?

Anyway nothing I say on my little blog will change anything, and really why should it? It's teenagers having fun. I'm just 31 going on 60 with a strict fatherly view on things like that. But I warn you now, if you try to offer a free hug to the big guy with the mohican at the next event you'll find my forehead planted neatly in your teeth... only kidding... kinda...

Oh and by the way, from what I played of Arkham Asylum (the PS3 version) it seemed like crap! Such a hyped game and yet such basic boring gameplay. I admit it was literally a demo for you to beat seven shades of shite out of a handful of thugs but still it did not, in any way or form, rock my world. Hope the full game is much better!

Below are a few pics from the event