Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lost Series 5 Finale and Fringe Season 1 Finale

I'm not going to give away any major spoilers here because I strongly believe that you have to watch both these finale's for yourself to get the full enjoyment you possibly can from them.

First up was Lost. OH. MY. GOD... Season 5 has probably been the best season yet and from a programme that has always raised more questions than answered, alienated more viewers than any T.V. series in history and killed more major cast members than you can shake a stick at, it delivered in spades during the finale. From the very first scene until the very last my jaw was almost on the floor. Revelations left right and center on huge Lost secrets and characters that will posible knock most Lost fans for six when they watch it.

Yes there are issues with the plot, there are issues with time travel and the repercussions of messing with it, there are issues with some cast members not being used enough and some coming out of the woodwork near the end like they were just thrown in to please moaning fans. But in the end it's the tension, action and 'what if' possibilities caused in the final moments that rocked my God damned socks off!

I'm an emotional person, I'll admit that freely. I'm a father of 2 and someone who always bottles everything up, only to explode at a critical moment. I cry at T.V. and films all the time, for happy or sad reasons, and although some people will say that's a weakness I simply see it as a testament to how emotionally invested I get with all the stuff that I watch. Take the new Star Trek the other day. I cried when George Kirk died at the beginning as Jim was being born, I'm a Dad sue me! I even cried with joy when the Enterprise comes to the rescue at the end of the movie and again when the classic music piped up and Nimoy did the famous 'Space, the final frontier' monologue... I cry at the end of E.T... Every damned time I watch it, I cry at almost every Pixar film, I cried, as did my eldest daughter, near the end of Bolt, I even cry when characters die in T.V. programmes. I'm not talking sobbing into my t-shirt crying here, I simply mean that these things conjure up an emotional response from me and my eyes water because of it. People take the mickey but my Mum and my missus ball their eyes out at these things too and I think it's all rubbed off on me over time!

A few times now I've cried watching Lost. For instance when Rose and Bernard were reunited, when Jin was supposedly killed on the ship, when Kate had to give up Aaron and during this last episode I cried when a certain female character seemingly died.

I'll tell you this, if events don't go to plan for the characters at the end of this season, a hell of a lot of the main cast just died too... It was, for all intents and purposes, an explosive finale and maybe one of the biggest cliffhangers in sci-fi T.V. for decades. I saw it all coming a mile off and I have many theories for season 6 but I'm keeping that under my belt for now until everyone across the world has had a chance to see the last two episodes. It was a cool ending to the series and I cannot wait for the next season! I really wish Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles got renewed now, that was also a huge cliffhanger ending and I hate loose threads!

Fringe. I love this programme... I think the X-Files fan in me liked this series before it even aired, but as time has gone on I really have grown to love it for everything it offers. The characters are very likable, the story lines each week have grown more and more unbelievable, yet believable within the world created in Fringe, and the build up to the finale has been cooking slowly for quite some time and was pulled of neatly and concisely.

But yeah, OK, again I'll admit there were a few certain little things that felt a somewhat wrong, and maybe a tiny bit rushed, like with David Roberts Jones' fate and the execution of it, and maybe there are too many questions raised regarding Walter and Peter (I won't say what we found out about Peter but it was obvious), but at the end of the day this series is very good at what it does. It should be, it's part of JJ Abrams increasingly top notch efforts in entertainment.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Walter Bishop is one of the most enjoyable characters to watch on T.V., John Noble's acting is impeccable and incredibly realistic in certain scenes. He is truly very funny, whilst also making you feel so sorry for him and his conditions at the same time, and that endears you to him more and more every single episode. Anna Torv is an honest-to-God natural beauty and mesmerises me every time she's on screen. Oh and if she doesn't end up with Peter soon he's going to get off with her sister and we don't want that now do we! Those two have been gravitating towards each other for a while and I'd love to see them get together.

And I was extremely pleased to have heard recently that season two has now been confirmed and is going ahead. I can't wait to watch the next episode and see where the story line takes us next. Keep the bald 'watcher' guy in too, he could have some serious potential down the line. Seeing him pop up every episode is like playing 'Where's Wally'... Never a bad thing!

And yes, it is definitely true, I do watch far too much television... Luckily that makes me perfect for my job!

Roll on next year baby!

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