Thursday, 14 May 2009

Star Wars, Star Wars And More Star Wars...

Jedi Master Nads sent me some info today with a couple of cool links and the date for Star Wars Clone Wars Season 1 DVD release in the UK.

Clone Wars is set for a November 2nd 2009 release on DVD and Blue-ray in the UK but details are not available yet on what extras and content there will be. I have to say that personally I really liked this series and my eldest daughter and I made it a weekly thing to sit down and watch it when it was on Sky. It had its faults, but its good points far outweighed them...

If you click on this link HERE you'll find a Star Wars 'Top List Repository', which is basically a list of top ten lists created by Things like the top 10 Star Wars Trucks, Buses, Campers and Vans, the top 10 Celebrities in Star Wars Clothes or Costumes (Megan Fox baby!) and the top 31 Bad Ass Star Wars Moments are included here amongst others. It's quite an interesting few pages to look at even if it's just to see how much Star Wars has affected the modern world.

Dear God that is geeky hotness personified!

And lastly is a quite enjoyable read in the form of John Serba's (aka Project Mayhem) blog post 'A dweeb's debate: 10 Reasons Star Wars' is better than Star Trek' on found HERE

If you're a fan of either you'll want to take a quick peek at his points just to see how right or wrong you think he is, depending on what camp you actually come from; Lucas or Roddenberry. Reading the replies from various geek readers after the post is even more entertaining, as some of them can get quite riled when provoked!

Having only just watched 'FANBOYS' last night I appreciate the debate even more than I would have a couple of days ago... does that rivalry really exist? I don't believe so, but it's funny nonetheless... By the way, although Fanboys isn't the greatest film ever and was a bit of a letdown, it still had a few good moments and I did have a smile on my face all the way through, so I have to say I did enjoy it. Kristen Bell in a Slave Leia Gold Bikini outfit at the end? Best moment in the movie by far!...

I'd give Fanboys a 5/10 for being simply 'OK', but a 9.5/10 for pure untainted Star Wars geekiness...

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