Saturday, 9 May 2009

Terminator Salvation - More News And Pics

Seeing as Star Trek and Wolverine are now out of the way we're now only really waiting for 3 more big movies this year, G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, Transformers II: Revenge Of The Fallen and Terminator: Salvation...

I have my reservations about Salvation. Yeah the adverts make it look pretty cool but that means nothing these days, I mean look what happened with Wolverine for instance! Anyway I'm hoping that this true sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day (yes everyone seems to writing Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines out of their collective consciousness) will kick ass and that Christian 'Dark Knight' Bale heads a cast we'll want to see again in the next outing.

Here's a bit more news below from around the web for what could be a massive 2009 movie or a colossal 2009 failure...

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 Terminator model will indeed be featured in Salvation for a very brief moment (and just so you know he's completely nude...). The plot finds John discovering that Humans are being harvested for DNA/ cells in order for the T-800 (the model Arnie plays in 1, 2 & 3) to look as human as he does. Metal endoskeleton with real skin on the outside etc.
However S
chwarzenegger himself isn't actually physically there in the film, it's the filmmakers who used fancy computer tricks to put the California governor's face on some young body builder's body, so he looks just like he did when he walked naked on the streets in 1984.

"I didn't want the scene to go on," said director McG. "I just wanted it to be a tip of the cap [to the original.] I think that's a nice moment in the movie when that shows up."

So Arnie is there one second and destroyed the next and to tell you the truth a brief appearance by him is better than nothing. It's good that there's some kind of 'oh cool' moment in the film for Terminator fans that's separate to the main action.

2) The Terminator Salvation DVD will probably feature 30-40 mins of deleted scenes. McG said "There are great long takes of Connor giving speeches, evoking Sarah Connor that we ultimately lifted because I didn’t want it to feel that he was dependent on the voice of his mother to find his leadership." Plus we all remember that Moon Bloodgood had a topless scene that was removed from the final cut? Well that'll be included too (much to Dark Knight's whoops of joy I'm sure) as well as the alternate ending McG supposedly shot that was leaked on the Internet and ripped into by fans saying it was awful. Yes that's right, the ending was re-shot due to the fact that the original ending received such a backlash the creative team thought it could ruin the whole thing at the box-office and went back to the drawing board to re-do it.


Screenwriter Michael Ferris confirmed that the ending which leaked onto the Internet during production was actually real. This ending involved Marcus taking over as John Connor (skin and all) after the resistance leader dies in action. Ferris says the screenplay ended with everybody, except the inner circle unaware that John Connor is now a Terminator, and the mechanical Connor going on to lead the resistance in the war against the machines.

McG has also confirmed that he too had an ending in mind which was as follows: "We had a jet-black ending. Connor dies, we’re in a room with all the people we care about. You take Connor’s likeness, you put it on the living machine of Marcus. He sits up, now looking like Christian Bale, takes a gun, kills Kate, kills Kyle, kills Star, kills everybody, eyes flare red, [snaps] the end."

Either way both these endings are now moot as they've been removed for a more audience friendly finish. Hopefully a much better one that doesn't see John die as both the above do!!!


3) And here are a few of the huge batch of new productions stills that have just been released online. Just be aware that there could be one little spoiler when you look at one of the images below of Bryce Dallas Howard... If you see it then you may not think it's a big deal, but I do for some unknown reason...

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