Tuesday, 23 June 2009

20,000 Visits On!

Today is a little landmark occasion for me...

The counter hit 20,000 visitors earlier today, which is a pretty substantial number for 14 months of being active on my little old blog. I'm sure there's a lot of other blogs out there that do much better than this, but then none of them are mine and I feel quite proud! This week has been one of our busiest for visits with well over 900 visits in one week.

Thanks must be conveyed to the KW League members who contribute to the ongoing content found on here and to those regular visitors who keep up with our posts. Hopefully even though we only have 4 public followers (thank you all!) hopefully there are more of you out there that come here on a regular basis and enjoy what's found herein.

As you can see from the right hand side of this blog I've started a Twitter account recently, although I don't have the chance to add Tweets as much as I'd like, it serves more as an outlet for my personal life and day to day comments than actual blog-worthy content. Please add me as I currently feel a bit lonely!

Also you can now leave live comments on the chat box under the Twitter box. Anything you want to chat about either with me, the league members or even each other, can be added to this. I'd like a little feedback from visitors and this is a great tool. Comments directly under the posts are great but aren't the easiest to find.

And lastly, the invitation to join the KW League is still open to those of you that want to post content about the entertainment world. Reviews, comments and previews for anything to do with T.V, Movies, Gaming or Comics are welcome and there are still many places to fill. Even if you run your own blog and want to link to it via here, feel free to send me info via the e-mail address to the right ( and I will post it.

If you have the opportunity to spread the word about please do. I would love for it to grow beyond the point we're at now.

Bye for now!

Kryptonian Warrior


Rod-Man said...

Congrats on the 20,000. You guys really deserve it for the quality blogs you put out. Keep up the good work.

Kryptonian Warrior said...

Thanks Rod-Man! We aim to please ;)