Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Callum Blue Cast As 'ZOD' In Smallville Season 9

If you didn't know already, or haven't watched the final 60 seconds of series 8 of Smallville, Zod has returned...

British actor Callum Blue, known for previous roles in 'The Tudors', 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' and the WB's 'Related', has been chosen to play the famous Superman villain which was nailed by actor Terence Stamp back in 1980, in Superman II.

Hopefully Blue can conjure up a better super-villain than last season's awful attempt at re-creating Doomsday, with the world's most annoying, most punchable actor Sam Witwer... Maybe it was just his character but if I could have reached through the T.V. into the Smallville world I would have laid the whining git out... and copped a grope of Chloe's butt of course...

Callum Blue is set for a recurring role in season 9 which worryingly means he'll probably be in the background, causing problems and building up his grand entrance someway into the season.

We'll have to wait and see!

The original General Zod with Non and Ursa. Love this film!!!


Unknown said...

What you said..., except I can pass on Chloe's butt. I thought I was the only one who didn't get the Witwer thing. Anyway, glad to have found your blog. Agree too about the whole get Tom in the suit and get on with it of your previous post. I get bored with kryptonite being so plentiful, in every nook and villain too, no wonder poor old Clark has no or shaky confidence...but that is another rant. Anyway, I will follow your twitterings.

Kryptonian Warrior said...

How could you pass on Chloe's butt!!! lol. Ok I understand, she's just one of MY many T.V. girl obsessions!
And yeah, I thought I'd get some backlash about Witwer as I know a few girls who quite like him, but seriously I hated his character with a vengeance. And they didn't even really kill him off... Yet another cop-out from an otherwise watchable series. Clark becomes Supes by end of series 9 or I hunt down and tortue the producers... Thanks for following! ;)

Unknown said...

You carry on with your TVgirl thing and I will pretend that I am too mature to be looking at the men.
Witwer - To be fair I guess it may be the writing and not Witwer, my conscience is a terrible thing to have. I thought Davis was whiny, and really, the only whining allowed is one's own. And I'll just say that I hope they give Tom more to do than act with his eyebrows this next season... We know he can we've seen it before. Lines, I am talking lines. I miss Jonathan(sp? wha?)Kent. The actor...whose name is not currently available in my head...had a role as a porn director over on Nip/Tuck. Hard to watch the good dad do that. Anyway yes I'll shut up now. PS I think you may have to get in line for the slap fest if the story doesn't please more fans this year.