Thursday, 18 June 2009

Captain America Reborn & Public Enemies Movie

Captain America Reborn

After the death and return of Superman and before Batman supposedly died in 'Batman R.I.P', both DC comic stories, Marvel comics faced its biggest death in comic book history. Steve Rogers aka the original Captain America was shot dead on the steps of the New York Courthouse...

At the time of his death the Marvel chiefs made a huge deal out of that fact that Steve Rogers was indeed permanently dead and not coming back, and even replaced him with Cap's former sidekick Bucky (after coming back from the brink as the Winter Soldier). People grew comfortable with the fact that Rogers was gone forever, they trusted Marvel not to go and pull a 'return' storyline... We'd all just started to accept and embrace Bucky Barnes as the new, yet very different Cap, and now news has broken that Steve Rogers is set to return... How? No idea, but the comic hit the shelves today so news will be available anytime now.

If you're a big comic fan like me you get very involved in these comic characters and something like this can be crucial to your continued respect for, and adherence to, the series. I hope to find a good comeback story for Cap and I pray it's not magic, clones, Nick Fury's life models or zombie's!

Here's a teaser trailer for the comic:

Superman -Batman: Public Enemies Movie

Probably my single favourite graphic novel of all time is Superman - Batman: Public enemies. The artwork by Ed McGuiness is simply exemplary and the inclusion of so many other characters within a wacky story by Jeph Loeb makes it my top comic series/ graphic novel of all time. I even own all the action figures from the series which are proudly sitting on my shelf!

Just a small selection of the cool figures from Public Enemies.

I was shocked to find out just yesterday however that an animated movie has been made of Public Enemies and will be coming out on DVD very soon... The trailer looks good but you can't beat the original readable version in my mind. Here's the trailer:

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