Wednesday, 10 June 2009

MCM And Collectormania 15

London MCM Expo May 2009

I already posted about MCM back on the 24th of May but on the 23rd of May the crew went to London Excel's MCM Expo. Although not as chock-a-block with guests and stands as events that Showmasters hold each year like London Film and Comic Con and Collectormainia the MCM Expo is still worth the bi-yearly visit due to the unique guests they sometimes conjure up, the previews of some top notch games on show, and the rare items you can pick up on the dealer stands.

This year I was only really going to meet Linda Hamilton to get her autograph (to add to my ever-growing collection) and although there were some other high profile guests like Tony Curtis, Joe Morton, James Duvall and Lindsay Wagner attending I fixed my sights on just getting Linda and leaving. It was my daughter's 6th birthday party that afternoon too so I was shattered by the end of the day! Below is a little group of pics I snapped of some of the guests as I was walking around the event. Click for a larger version.

Collectormainia 15 Milton Keynes June 2009

This weekend just gone saw a little road-trip down to Milton Keynes for the family and I on Saturday and Dark Knight and I on Sunday. Having had two days in Chessington World of Adventures on the Thursday and Friday of last week I was totally exhausted. Although you couldn't tell it to look at me not only do I have insulin dependant diabetes but also arthritis in my hips and back so I can't stand or walk for long before my body starts to shut down completely. Add to that the fact that the weather was truly atrocious (especially on Sunday) and also that the event has now moved from Milton Keynes Shopping Centre to the MK Dons Stadium, which is half built, made of cold concrete and open to the elements from all sides, and I can assure you it was not a pleasant couple of days at the event.

I'd read on the Showmasters blog that it was deadly cold on the Friday and that the guests were wrapped in blankets and complaining about the wind and rain but until I actually got there I had no idea just how crappy it was. Supposedly the event itself did extraordinarily well and the turn out was great but I'm starting to think that queuing up for hours upon end and spending hundreds on pounds for some stroppy old actor to sign a photo is just not worth it anymore. There were some lovely guests there such as Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter), Kerri Green (Andy in Goonies), Andrew Robinson (Garak in Star Trek DS9) and all the Back to the Future guests (who were all great in their own rights) but there were a few that just weren't worth the hassle due to not taking any notice of the fans or being downright rude. Leonard Nimoy was a prime example, and Philip Glenister was another. You can't win with every guest and I know that by now having done this sort of thing for years, but if it wasn't for my family and Dark Knight coming with me and enjoying themselves I think I'd probably give it all up and save my hard earned pennies! Below are some pics of the event with some of the guests and cosplay fans included. Click on the pic for a larger image.

Now it's Red Dwarf - Back to Life this weekend... when will it all end!!!

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