Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More Star Wars From Jedi Master Nads...

Yet another helping of Star Wars from Jedi Master Nads!

The Women Who Helped Make Star Wars

Over at they're having a week of celebration for the women that made Star Wars what it is today. Not just the actresses but also all the women behind the actual production. It's worth a look for those die hard fans who are not only interested in the profiles of each of these awesome ladies but also want a better idea of who played the hot Twi-Lek Jedi 'Aayla Secura' (I know that's what you really wanna see!). You can find the page HERE.

Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle Game - Seriously Retro!

The year I was born one of the first electronic games was released to feature the Death Star battle/ trench run from 'A New Hope'.

Made by Kenner, the original manufaturers of the figures and vehicles, the object of the game was for two players to act as X- wing pilots with the objective of being the first to make the run on the Death Star. The game featured lights and sound effects that were cutting edge technology in 1978 as the new era of electronic games was emerging in the toy industry.

A hugely collectible item if you ever find one! I know Jedi Master Nads is now looking for one!

Star Wars Clone Wars Web Comic

Yet another web comic for your viewing pleasure, this one focuses on the Clone Wars and some very familiar characters we've been seeing a lot lately. Very nice artwork drawn by different artists in each story and well worth a look when you have some free time. You can find it HERE

Star Wars Gangsta Rap!

As JMN put it in his e-mail to me "I thought YOU had too much time on your hands"! The guy who made this must have made it his labour of love. It's funny... in a very scary sort of way! Enjoy it!

Star Wars Female Worker Recruitment Posters

Artist Feng Zhu has some nice little faux recruitment posters over on the Star Wars Wikia. All are shown below with recruitment for numerous positions within the Empire! The Biker Scout and the Tie Fighter Pilot are my favourites! ;)

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