Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More Star Wars Stuff From Jedi Master Nads...

My sincere apologies to Jedi Master Nads and the rest of the KW crew who have sent me stuff to post recently. I've been so busy and then so knackered that I just haven't come on here to post (apart from the rather lengthy post about Better than life below!).

Here are a few things that have been sent to me from JMN in the last seven days:

Some Action Figure Fun On Flickr...

THIS is a link to a Star Wars fan's Flickr page where they've done some funny stuff with their Star Wars action figures. Of course JMN had to specifically point out the pic of Leia in a gold bikini pole dancing! Take a look at some of their other pics HERE... Too much time on their hands as always!

Very good, love the Stormtrooper poses!

Star Wars: Invasion Web Comic Part II

The first part of this preview comic was posted a while back on here and now the second part has been released. Worth a read if you get the time. Take a look at part II HERE

Sir Count Dooku - Christopher Lee To Be Knighted

87 year old actor Christopher Lee, well known for roles as Dracula, Scaramanga in Bond, Saruman in Lord of the Rings and of course Count Dooku in the Star Wars ep II & III, will be knighted in the Queens birthday honours list. Congratulations Mr. Lee, your work will always be appreciated!

Happy 80th Birthday Ralph McQuarrie

On the 13th of June the famous Star Wars concept artist Raplh McQuarrie turned 80 years old! Happy belated birthday Ralph, the sci-fi world wouldn't have been the same without your amazing concept art (some of which I own!). Keep up the good work!

The Many Faces Of Master Yoda - Posters

Over at there's page showing the many different rare posters that have been around in the past showing the many different subtle ways Master Yoda has been portrayed and used in advertisement.
My favourite two are shown below but it's quite interesting to read about the origin of each one. Especially the levitating Yoda and George Lucas... You'll have to look HERE to see what I'm talking about!

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