Friday, 26 June 2009

More Stuff From Jedi Master Nads...

Another e-mail came in from Jedi Master Nads yesterday with a bunch of interesting stuff including his beloved Star Wars ;)

The Ladies of the ISO (Imperial Service Organisation)

Over at, as part of their week long tribute to the ladies who make Star Wars the phenomenon that it is, we have a piece on the ladies of the 'ISO' or Imperial Service Organisation who voluntarily support the charitable 501st Legion boys and even the real soldiers fighting overseas. You can read all about them and their contribution to the Lucas world HERE.

R2-D2 in Transformers II: Revenge Of The Fallen!

It would seem that there's an ongoing conspiracy between the special effects guru's from ILM making sci-fi films... The beloved Star Wars astromech droid 'R2-D2' seems to pop up in the background of all the new movies. In Star Trek he appeared as space debris after Nero's ship destroys the fleet and now he's appeared in Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen as a piece of space junk in the desert! Check out a link to the VH1 'blink and you'll miss it' list HERE which gives you some more easter eggs and cameos that'll make you want to watch it all over again... as if you didn't want to already!

Twi-Lek Twins And Princess Artwork Prints has a new exclusive artwork print available for $49.99 which has been created by artist Craig Drake and depicts two Twi-Lek women, 'The Twins', in skimpy outfits. A simple and beautiful piece, you can find it HERE
The previous release 'The Princess' is now sold out so you can imagine how popular these prints are!

G4 And Lucasfilm To Do First Ever Televised Panel At San Diego Comic Con 09 has information about the Lucasfilm panel at this years San Diego Comic Con (which I'm not going to this year...). The panel will be recorded and televised for G4 and will be aired at 2pm ET/PT on Saturday July 25th and will feature never-before-seen footage, breaking news, surprise announcements, guest stars and more.

Read all about the event HERE

Fighting Crime Doesn't Pay T-Shirt From

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Over at a new t-shirt has been released that we just had to featured on here. "Fighting Crime Doesn't Pay" is an awesome DC character themed t-shirt with a few of our beloved superhero's in various poverty-stricken states. See it HERE

The BBC Needs You!

Graham Norton is hosting a brand new BBC1 show and he wants you to join him!

We’re on the look out for dedicated ‘Sci-Fi’ Crazy Families to be a part of our audience.

For more information email name, age and contact phone number to (please state in the email title what your family is a fan of) OR call us on this number NOW 0208 576 2441.

New Street Fighter Figures From Neca

Top action figure manufacturer NECA will soon be releasing some awesome new figures based on the Street Fighter 4 video game. In this new wave 2 we see Akuma, Chun-Li and Guile each featuring a massive 31 - 35 points of articulation for you to pose them any way you want. Series 1 did extremely well with Ryu, Ken and Crimson Viper and this second wave looks just as good. I'll definitely have to get Chun-Li and Guile for my collection!

You can find all the figures from Street Fighter IV HERE at

Mattel Debuts New Ghostbusters, DC And He-Man Action Figures

During the recent Wizard World Philly event Mattel previewed their new range of action figures including the awesome Ghostbusters figures, some new DC Universe figures (I want the Black Canary figure!) and some new He-Man figures including a good looking Teela release (JMN wants one but isn't so sure about the cobra head piece, hopefully you can remove it!). All the info and pics can be found at HERE

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