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New Star Wars Stuff From Jedi Master Nads...

Another new batch of products from Jedi Master Nads here for your viewing pleasure!

New Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads

First up is are the new Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads that will be hitting the shelves in Walt Disney World, Florida and Disneyland Resort, California this October. Following the likes of Darth Tater and Artoo-Potatoo etc come "Chipbacca, Mashter Yoda, and C-3PotatO"! They'll retail for about $12.99 but you'll probably be able to pick them up on e-bay soon after release anyway, just a bit more expensive!

Special Edition Darth Vader 'Silver Kubrick'

The special edition Silver Kubrick is a release from the Medicom Toy Exhibition '09 Preview Party at Japan's Parco Complex which is an homage to Hasbro's old "Toy Fair" Darth Vader action figure from 2002. A collectible for those of you that collect SW Kubricks (Warren!)

Republic Commando was a 2005 X-Box and PC first person squad based shooter that I myself owned and completed. It was a competent game and expanded the Star Wars Universe just that little bit more and included 4 new specialist Troopers called Delta Squad that became fan favourites. Gentle Giant have finally bowed down to fan pressure and will be releasing "Boss", "Fixer", "Sev" and "Scorch" in limited quantities across the world very soon with being the UK's exclusive seller. No word on the pricing just yet but as soon as they're put up online I'm sure Jedi Master Nads will let us know!

Star Wars Themed Adidas Products

Global street wear icon, Adidas Originals is proud to announce a unique collaboration with one of the world's best known and loved brand marks: Star Wars. This stellar Spring/Summer 2010 collection fuses iconic Star Wars characters and scenes with classic Adidas Originals footwear and apparel silhouettes.

Inspired by the galactic saga, the Star Wars collection consists of limited edition as well as mass distribution footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. Classic Adidas Originals track tops, and several legendary sneaker styles are represented with characters and scenes from the epic saga in reinterpreted versions.

Expect to see Darth Vader and Stormtrooper graphics on select iconic Originals styles. Other key Star Wars characters and memorable moments from the films will also be represented in innovative, cool ways.

The Spring/Summer Star Wars collection will be introduced at retail beginning January, 2010. Select retailers, as well as Adidas Originals Stores worldwide will carry the collection. The collaboration will also contain a Fall/Winter 2010 line as well with new characters on different select footwear and apparel.

Adventurecon 2009 Costume Dancing

Oh dear God... Geeks in Star Wars outfits dancing to Bee Gee's music at Adventurecon 2009 has to be one of the saddest things I've possibly ever seen... I'm sure they enjoyed themselves but their floor skills leave a lot to be desired. Watch the video and see!

Princess Leia Character Key Print

One of the many San Diego Comic Con 2009 exclusives available at next months event will be this awesome 'New Hope' Princess Leia Character Key made by Acme Archives Limited. Now I won some of Acme's art and it's impressive stuff. This of course being Leia will be one that Jedi Master Nads just has to obtain to keep his obsession on track! If you're attending SDCC this year then note that you'll be paying $35 for it... Well worth it if you ask me!

Kubrick Build-A-Figure Collection

At the recent Medicom Toy Exhibition, a new line of Kubricks was announced that mirror's Hasbro's "Build A Droid" range idea. Each six figure set includes an extra piece to build a larger seventh item.

Deluxe Series 1: Jabba's Palace
Includes Jabba's Palace Luke Skywalker (with bone), Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty, C-3PO w/Salacious Crumb, R2-D2 (w/Sail Barge Serving Tray), Bib Fortuna and Amanaman!

Collect all six figures and build a Kubrick scale Jabba the Hutt and Dais!

Deluxe Series 2: Hoth (Echo Base)
Includes Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear, Han Solo in Hoth Gear (now with goggles), Princess Leia Organa in Hoth Gear, Chewbacca (Millennium Falcon Mechanic), R-3PO and a Snowtrooper Commander!

Collect all six figures and build a Kubrick scale AT-ST Walker!

Photos taken at the event by are seen below, I'm interested in the other Medicom items seen behind them too like the Yoda VCD and the 400% C3-PO Kubrick seen behind!

Star Wars Posters

A very cool 50's Soul Bass style poster is now available to pre-order on the site for $29.99 which gives A New Hope a new retro styling that would look great on any fan's wall. Head over to this LINK if you're interested.

Speaking of Star Wars posters, there's a site that offers the ability to view every Star Wars poster ever made, for every country in the world, just by clicking on your desired country on its front-page map. Head over to to take a look and read all about the origin and artist for each one!

1,000 Collectibles - Book Coming Out In November

Author Steve Sansweet has created a book that catalogues 1,000 separate Star Wars collectibles from around the world, from the famous and easy to find to the never before seen one of a kinds. A book that will enlighten even the most hardcore SW collector, this book will be a great purchase! Head over to this LINK to read more about it on

New Star Wars Products From

A bunch of new stuff has gone up over at recently and some of those are shown below. Click on the image for each one to be take straight to the FP page which gives you the descriptions and pricing.

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