Monday, 29 June 2009

News And Pics From The Dark Knight...

A Dark Knight Post

Goonies 2?

I'll believe it when i see it but SYFY have posted a rather promising story about preparations for a sequel to the 80's children's hit.

It looks like the original script writer and director, Chris Columbus and Richard Donner have had talks a short while ago about moving forward with the sequel, but maybe having the characters become the parents this time round...

The whole story is too long to re-post so take a look at the link HERE

I personally love this movie, as I'm sure KW does too (Hell yeah! Probably in my top 5 all time favourite movies!) KW. Fingers crossed that a decent script emerges and the old gang get back together.

What Was Missing From The New Trek Movie?

Ever wonder what was missing from the new TREK movie? HERE is a little insight into what we may see in the DVD extras from (not that we need them in the best film of 2009!!).

The information Harry Barber gives is actually quite interesting and there are little bits, just like with Terminator: Salvation, that you wonder why they weren't left in. Then again there are scenes that you can see very clearly why they were left out!

Hermione All Grown Up

Where the hell did those come from??? She's totally legal so I can now say "Emma Watson, I think I love you!!"
I love the potter films, and now have two extra reasons to watch them.......damn, I feel really wrong for adding this post......oh well, I'm going to hell.

(I really can't believe you posted that... but as you did here's a couple more pictures of Emma from Elle Magazine. She's fed up of having a schoolgirl image and wants everyone to know she's a woman now, and a wanna-be punk at heart!) KW

Isabel Lucas Gives Megan Fox A Run For Her Money...

Another reason that I love TRANSFORMERS 2..........other than Megan FOX.......

Here are some cracking pictures of the hottie Isabel LUCAS. Enjoy... I did when I saw them!

(And here's my contribution to the Isabel Lucas pics below with a few from a Trans II premiere. A beautiful Aussie actress who's also starring in the new vampire flick "Daybreakers"!) KW

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