Monday, 29 June 2009

Star Trek Babes... Who Rules Supreme?

I was sitting here over the weekend watching a bit of T.V. when I flicked over to an old episode of Star Trek Voyager. Being the unbelievably huge Trek Fan (Trekker) that I am I just happened to comment to the missus, as she walked in, that Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) really did give that particular series a much needed injection of appeal it started to lack up until her arrival.

It then ran over my mind that the Star Trek franchise has spawned a large quantity of some pretty amazing sci-fi babes who have kept a lot of the male population of the world interested in their respective shows... But who, overall, reigns supreme?

From Uhura in the original series right up to T-Pol in Enterprise, and then of course to new Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in the newest Star Trek movie, who is your favourite?

I have to say that I was always partial to Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) in Deep Space 9, in fact I was a little obsessed with her all those years ago, but if I had to choose one character from each series it would probably be these women:

The Original Series: Nurse Christine Chapel (always liked the younger Majel Barrett!)

The Next Generation: Difficult one this, but I'll have to go for Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)

Deep Space Nine: Has to be Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell)

Voyager: Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)

Enterprise: T-Pol (Jolene Blalock)

2009 Movie: Uhura (Zoe Saldana)

Now you have to remember that I seem to get a crush on every woman from every T.V. show, so my brain is battling between literally every actress from these shows, but the above is my final choice... for now... I could give you my second and third options but then they'd probably then turn into 4th, 5th, 6th... you get the idea. Hence the reason I created our sister blog "scifiandfantasytvbabes"!

Who would you choose as your favourite's from each show and who would be your overall Star Trek Hottie?

And girls: Please feel free to nominate your male favourites too!

Oh and just for a little extra sex appeal take a look at this LINK for one of Jolene Blalocks best photoshoots. Beware that she's not nude, but she's not far off... She makes me want to change my mind from Terry to her!

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