Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!

Some more goodies here from Jedi Master Nads, the guru of all things Star Wars related!

This video below is actually quite funny and originates from the 'Hyperspace Hoopla' that concludes each day of Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This is a Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars during which Star Wars characters get down to popular music... I laughed quite a bit at this. Stick with it til the end.

Star Wars Game - The Old Republic

A new game coming soon to next gen consoles from premium game creators Bioware is The Old Republic. Take a look at the unbelievably awesome trailer video below... This gave me goosebumps like bubble wrap. If only Episode 1 could have been like this! Also you can check out an online comic for The Old Republic HERE on the official site. I want this game!!!

Watch it full screen if your PC can handle it. It's frickin mind blowing! Star Wars Image Competition have a cool competition running where the rule is that you have to meld a famous non Star Wars actor into a Star Wars character to win using an image manipulation programme. Some of the entries are pretty good and some very funny, two of which are below, and there are a couple that are pretty bad. Either way they're way better than anything I could produce so kudos to all the participants. You can view the images via this link HERE.

Mimobots Series 4 And SDCC Exclusive

Over on the new Mimobots have been revealed. Series 4 and the SDCC exclusive are here and waiting for your PC memory needs! Take a look HERE to see Sir Steve's page.

The Geek Is In The House!

Love it or hate it Big Brother continues to grace our T.V. Screens here in the UK year after year. Having watched the new housemates, or non-housemates as they're called this year, enter the house last Thursday night there was one guy that particularly stood out from the crowd. Marcus... Marcus is a serious geek who slightly resembles Wolverine (facial hair only) and is a member of the Rebelscum webiste, well known for his custom action figures and collectibles. Marcus is known as Dark Horse and even has his own website dedicated to his custom work. You can visit his homepage HERE to see what he's done but I can see the guy has a lot of time on his hands... He seriously needs a girlfriend!!!

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