Saturday, 20 June 2009

Transformers II: Revenge Of The Fallen - Mini Movie Review

Last night I finally got to see the movie I've been waiting for ever since those movie credits rolled at the end of 2007's Michael Bay blockbuster 'Transformers'.

Dark Knight and I went to a packed out 8:10pm showing, and when I say packed out I mean that people were actually walking in seeing there were only front row seats left and walking out again, whereas we got there 45mins early and just about snagged some seats!

I'm going to admit to you now that I was totally biased towards this movie before I even went into the cinema... Just like I was with Star Trek, but then that was impressive to even the people who were unconvinced before they saw it!

I loved the first Transformers movie 2 years ago, in fact it's one of my favourite films of all times. I love all of Michael Bay's movies, like the Bad Boys films and even Pearl Harbour (yes I know I will get beaten in the street for that!), I think Shia Labeouf is an awesome actor (bar his part in Indy 4 which wasn't his fault!), I think Megan Fox is the most beautiful woman in the world and also a good actress no matter what anyone else says, I think the special effects in the first film were spectacular and really made you believe those giant robots in disguise really were there in the flesh (or the metal!), and overall the story and humour were spot on...

Revenge of the Fallen raised the bar on the first film and for me really blew it out of the water. There are always a few niggles with a movie, for me the inclusion of the utterly annoying college room mate Leo, the relative ease with which the villains were dispatched this time round, and the few loose threads that weren't cleared up by the end of the movie. It wasn't perfect, but it's as near as it's going to get for me, it was all that I'd hoped it would be. The positives to this sequel far outweighed the minor quibbles that anyone may have had.

The action in Revenge was mind-blowing and non stop from the first 5mins til the last 5mins. It was action on a colossal scale, it was visceral and realistic, it was excessive and yet completely enjoyable.

Megan and Shia

The acting was spot on. You couldn't fault a single main actor for their part in this film, even if their roles were reduced from the first like Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson. Shia and Megan were perfect and their growing chemistry felt very real and heart felt. Sam's parents (Kevin Dunn and Julie White) were amazingly funny and watchable throughout, having some emotional scenes near the end which fitted perfectly into the storyline. Even the voice acting was good with people like Peter Cullen and Tony Todd rocking your eardrums throughout.

Kevin Dunn & Julie White

The comedy was amazing, as mentioned Sam's parents had some great scenes but even Skids, Mudflap, Wheelie and Jetfire made the entire cinema burst out laughing every time they were on the screen. I was actually shocked when I came out of the cinema at the fact that this was probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time (although I have to admit that Sacha Baron Cohen's new 'Bruno' advert got the audience going to so that should be fun!).

Skids and Mudflap

The storyline was a bit stretched out this time round, and a bit far fetched even in the realms of talking transforming robot aliens, but as a summer blockbuster that's meant for pure enjoyment, it worked. Michael Bay is a master of this action movie genre and standing beside Roland Emmerich, he is the single most impressive creator of wanten destruction in cinema history. The logistics involved in this film both during the production and post must have been mind boggling!

The Fallen - Voiced by Tony Todd

I have to mention not only the very beautiful Isabel Lucas in Revenge, but also Megan Fox. Dear God I have never experienced anything quite like her in this movie... even when it's just her eyes showing on the screen she truly is a sight to behold. There are a lot of Fox haters out there, and if it's due to Megan's recent interviews and attitude, then quite rightly so, I couldn't agree more. She loves herself, and isn't afraid to say it, even if she's being rude about someone else to do so, but she is quite clearly an gift from the heavens and an icon for hormonal males (and females) everywhere.

Megan Fox

Isabel Lucas

At the end of the day this movie gave the audience everything they expected and more. Star Trek may have had a little more style and a bit more of a cult fan following behind it, but Trans II was a summer blockbuster like no other. I've tried not to discuss the story and content of the film at all here as I highly recommend you go and actually spend your hard earned money on this and experience it for yourself. You won't be sorry! If you are one of the very few who don't like it please let me know where you live... I'll hunt you down and put you out of your misery... ;)

2009's biggest and best movie so far, bar none. Star Trek was awesome, Trans II is even better!


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