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More Cool Artwork Etc From The Emerald Knight

Although every member of the KW league seems to have been busy of late (resulting in a lack of posts) I do get e-mails with random links and images sent to me by members of the team every now and again.

The Emerald Knight always seems to find cool art sites and random images of geeky products such as gadgets and clothes. Below are a couple of the few he recently sent to me for the blog.

Over at back in 2007 they had a short preview of 3 cool Star Wars themed t-shirts made by "Junk Food". There have been a few SW themed garments since those (my favourite being the Boba Fett hoodie) but these 3 would go very nicely in my ever-growing geeky t-shirt collection! Check out the link HERE.

"Bam Pop" has an awesome Flickr page that showcases some of his quirky but totally amazing artwork and photography including some themed pics that really caught my eye. My favourite is the DC Justice League pic (of course) which is above along with the Mario. Visit his page HERE to see much more.

Theskullwall is a blog full of cool artwork from artist "Ledo" who has a very stylized talent. there are some great themed pics, some of which I've amalgamated into the image above, but if you want to see some of his other work visit his blog page HERE

He-Man And Skeletor Re-issues At

When I was in San Diego at the comic con last year I managed to pick up Mattel's SDCC exclusive King Grayskull action figure.

Grayskull was the first in an ongoing line of awesome action figures available from Mattel's online collector site "" based on the old 80's figures with new sculpts that make them so much better than they ever were before.

These figures sell out unbelievably quickly and are always in limited supply which is why Mattel will be re-issuing their two most popular figures, He-Man and Skeletor, again this year.

He-Man will be available again on November the 16th and Skeletor will be up on December the 15th. You can place your order on the official website by clicking on either name below. Grab them while you can!

Twilight: New Moon - New Image Gallery

I hated Twilight...

I thought I'd get that out the way before I continue so you know where I personally stand. Twilight was one of those movies that had such hype behind it, such passion from fans and reviewers upon its release, that I just had to watch it to see what all the hoo-hah was about. Unfortunately it was time taken out of my life that I'll never get back and it left a bad taste in my mouth to boot!

I'm providing this link HERE to appease the hordes of fans that may come across this blog looking for anything they can find from the upcoming sequel. I hope you like it... I have no idea why you'd like it, but hey, who am I to judge?!

Smallville News - Roulette And Speedy To Debut In Season 9

More Smallville Season 9 news for you from last week.

It seems DC characters are flooding into the new series. We've heard that Metallo will feature in the first two episodes, that the wonder Twins will pop up, Zod himself has arrived, the JSA (Justice Society of America) and now both Roulette and Speedy will feature.

For readers who don't know who these newly announced characters are here's the short background:

Roulette is a nasty little minx who captures superheroes and forces them to fight each other in a secret arena in front of an audience of high-paying lowlifes. She has no superpowers herself but is a genius when calculating odds and gambling winnings. She has a vital contingent of security at her events and usually has a metahuman bodyguard who has an ability to negate powers or at the very least take down the strongest who might try to escape. In season 9 she'll be played by Steph Song a Malaysian-born actress.

Speedy is Green Arrow's sidekick. The Speedy this season looks be the female version of Green Arrow's apprentice, Mia Dearden, rather than his first partner, Roy Harper. As we know with most characters that turn in Smallville, the producers do what they want with them and bring in versions that aren't the first or the best known. It could well be that Green Arrow is finally heading for his own spin-off series and bringing in a sidekick to Smallville could be the first sign of this possibility.

More news as it's released.

Stargate Universe & Warehouse 13 Get Their UK Airdates

Fans looking forward to the UK premieres of both Stargate: Universe and Warehouse 13 will be pleased to hear that the premiere dates have now been set.

Stargate Universe (SGU) will be on Tuesday the 6th of October on Sky 1.

Warehouse 13 will start on Tuesday the 8th of September on the Sci-fi channel.

Although I now have faith that SGU will be an awesome series I can say (having watched the first 9 episodes) that Warehouse 13 is a great little series. It takes its time to find it's footing initially and don't judge it on the premiere episode, but I'm sure you'll like it if you're not waiting to judge it compared to other programmes in the genre.

MCM Expo News

Plus as a little bonus (big bonus for me!) 3 members of the Warehouse 13 cast will be attending the next London MCM Expo at the Excel centre.

On Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of October cast members Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Allison Scogliotti will participate in panels and signing sessions hosted by the NBC Universal Global Networks owned SCI FI channel.

If you want to take a look at the announcement on the official site see HERE.

Don't Believe The Hype - Megan Fox Is Not Catwoman

OK, so this is old news by now but when the UK tabloid newspaper "The Sun" published a story last Wednesday that Megan Fox had been cast as Catwoman the whole media world jumped on the news.

Not only did I read it myself in the paper in question on my lunch break but the radio stations were confirming it and even The Crimson Blur called me to tell me. When I came home Wednesday evening just about every blog I visited was publishing the news quoting The Sun.

I for one didn't believe the news at all, it was too good to be true and unbelievable that we'd be lucky enough to seeing the someone as hot as Fox potentially dressing in PVC/ leathers for the next Batman movie. I also had more faith in in the creative heads of Warner Bros and Christopher Nolan as a director and knew that none of them would hire someone like her based purely on her looks and popularity... it certainly wouldn't be on her acting credentials.

The next day Warner Bros confirmed that this news was false and that there had been no contact with Megan regarding the next movie. No s**t!

It's a shame of course, I mean what hot blooded male would care if Megan couldn't handle this role? It would be MEGAN FOX playing a psychotic thief who dresses up in feline themed, tight fitting outfits...Michelle Pfeiffer would be a distant memory...

There are a few sites and blogs still quoting this news as fact, but for now the rumour has been debunked.

Read the original article HERE on the Sun website.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Smallville Season 9 & Supernatural Season 5 Promo Trailers

As we move ever closer to the new seasons of some of our favourite programmes we find the odd promo trailer popping up here and there...

Below are the trailers for Smallville season 9 & Supernatural season 5. Enjoy!



Warehouse 13 Breaks Records... Season 2 Greenlit.

Back on July the 12th I posted about the premiere episode of Warehouse 13, Syfy's new T.V. series.

My post back then was based purely on the first episode so I was filled with caution and apprehension as to whether this fledgling series would make it off the ground and keep my interest... I can safely say it has, in both respects.

Not only has Warehouse 13 got better as each episode has progressed but it's also made me laugh and kept me wanting more. It seems I'm not the only one enjoying it either as it's become Syfy's most watched series in over 17 years! A second season has already been greenlit and the future looks bright for what could be a serious contender for the old X-Files moniker next to Fringe!

This is taken from site:

Syfy has ordered a second season of Warehouse 13, its freshman series that follows two Secret Service agents who find themselves abruptly transferred to a massive, top-secret storage facility that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.

Warehouse 13 has become the most-watched show in Syfy's 17-year history, averaging 3.7 million viewers a week. It is also the number-one new series on Tuesdays this summer for adults 25-54, and it broke records when the fourth episode on July 28 delivered the most females (1.9 million) of any series telecast in Syfy's history.

Warehouse 13 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

War Of The Worlds: Goliath - Animated Trailer

I'll admit right now that although I'm obsessed with cartoons I'm not the biggest anime fan. I grew up with a heavy Japanese and Chinese background and I watched a hell of a lot of anime style stuff when I was young (Akira being one of my favourite animated movies) but I haven't delved into recent outings that have all those cosplayers I come across at conventions in a tizzle.

However whilst browsing online the other day I found this interesting trailer for a War of the Worlds spin off animated movie called Goliath.

War of the Worlds: Goliath is an animated steampunk epic and unofficial sequel to War of the Worlds. In 1900, the Earth was attacked by ruthless invaders from the planet Mars. The Martian's 80 ft tall, heat-ray spewing, Tripod battle machines laid waste to the planet, but the invaders ultimately fell prey to Earth's tiny bacteria. Fourteen years later, Man has rebuilt his shattered world, in part by utilizing captured Martian technology.

The movie is directed by animator Joe Pearson, a former animation supervisor who has worked on various cartoons and past films like DuckTales: The Movie, "Little Dracula", "Rocko's Modern Life", and Highlander: The Search for Vengeance. The screenplay was written by David Abramowitz, of the original "V", "MacGyver", "Highlander", and Highlander: The Search for Vengeance as well. This was produced and animated independently by Tripod Entertainment, Epoch Ink, Studio Climb, and Imaginex Studios. It's slated to hit on DVD in February next year.

Enjoy the trailer!

Cool Artwork...

As you're aware by now I love a good artist. Artists are amazingly talented and when I come across someones work that I really like I post it up for all to see.

Patrick Brown, a graphic designer from Australia has a wicked little Deviantart page HERE that shows off some awesome stylized work including comic, movie and gaming characters.

Take a look and see for yourself, and then weep that you don't even have 2% of the talent guys like Patrick have!

Three of my favourites are below showing Marcus Fenix from Gears of War II, Wolverine from X-Men Origins and Alex Mercer from Prototype.

First Image Of Metallo From Smallville Season 9

OK so this image is now over a week old (damn my lethargy!) but here is the first official image of Brian Austin Green as Metallo from season 9 of Smallville.

As with most Smallville character rehash's he doesn't really resemble the Metallo I know from the comics or cartoon series', with his Kryptonite heart looking like it's attached by a facehugger from Aliens on the outside of his chest... but still, it's always good to see more Superman villains enter the Smallville world, crappy or not.

And has anyone recently thought that the main complaint most people have about the Smallville story lines (re-writing Superman history) can now be answered by using the new Star Trek movie theory? ALTERNATE UNIVERSE/ TIMELINE? Think about it, in Star Trek the whole history of their canon universe has been re-written just to suit the new movies without the need to worry about what happens down the line with the original series right through to Voyager. You consider that the writers have done this for Superman's history over 9 years ago and you come to realise that everything we know about Supes and his universe can really change if the studios want it too... Are you bothered? Probably not, but it's interesting nonetheless that Star Trek really put this new "acceptable" trend in the limelight!

The Expendables - Bruce Willis To Have A Cameo?

This has got to be some sort of Guinness world record in the making hasn't it? I mean jeez, how many action heroes can Sly possibly fit into The Expendables movie? Not enough as far as I'm concerned!

Bruce Willis has confirmed to MTV News that he is leaving time open on his schedule to shoot a cameo for “The Expendables,” the ultra-violent, star-studded action flick written/directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone. Sly is currently putting the finishing touches on the movie, which also stars Jason Statham, Jet Li and Mickey Rourke as mercenaries overthrowing a South American dictator. Willis said that the he will soon join Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to shoot a very special scene for the flick.

“Not yet, I haven’t united with them,” said Willis. “I’m waiting for a call from Sly about when we’re going to try and make that happen.”

“I don’t know anything about [my character] yet, haven’t seen any pages yet,” Willis explained. “But I’m excited about it.”

Willis confirmed that the scene will involve himself, Arnold and Sly together on camera. “That’s the concept,” he said with a grin. “That’s the plan.”

"The Expendables"' massive cast of muscled action heroes also features such tough-guy notables as Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Terry Crews and Randy Couture. The film is due in cinemas next April.

SGU - New Poster

Syfy recently released the key art for its upcoming series Stargate Universe (SGU), which follows the adventures of explorers who find themselves trapped on a never-ending mission aboard the Destiny, a ship built by the Ancients, when the crew learns the ship can't return to Earth.

Stargate Universe premieres as a two-hour movie event on October 2nd at 9 pm on Syfy in the US and stars Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis, Brian J. Smith, Alaina Huffman, David Blue, Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Joe Johnston's The Wolfman - New Trailer

So, the much delayed Wolfman movie finally has a half decent trailer! This movie has been out back more times than any film I'm aware of and it's hard to see why from the footage, I actually quite like the look of this and werewolves usually scare the living s**t out of me!

Even since The Howling broke the mould with how a werewolf should transform on screen, movies have tried to surpass it. Director Joe Johnston may well have finally succeeded...


James Cameron's Avatar - New Teaser Trailer

Damn it's been a busy and Hellish week for me... I wasn't able to get my mind in gear to sit down and update in the last seven days and in the evenings I've been attached to my X-Box 360 playing Need for Speed: Underground and Wolfenstein... Need to get my priorities straight obviously!

So anyway unless you've been locked away from the world for the last few months you'll know that James Cameron's new movie "Avatar" is slowly starting to gain some public momentum and after a short 21 minute preview at SDCC in July numerous pictures have gone up and a new trailer has been released. I was actually invited to Avatar Day on Friday where I could have watched 15 mins of footage in London at an IMAX cinema to get an insider heads-up... but I couldn't get there so I missed out.

Below is the first trailer for Cameron's epic looking 3-D sci-fi spectacular. So far it hasn't struck a significant chord with me (although I'd actually seen a massive amount of secret images over 5 months ago before most people in the world had) so I guess it'll have to be case of watch it and see.

News & More From The Dark Knight...

A Dark Knight Post


Columbia Pictures has set a Feb. 18, 2011, release date for director Jonathan Liebesman's sci-fi action-adventure Battle: Los Angeles, reported; the film revolves around a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new platoon's battle against an alien invasion on the streets of Los Angeles.


I've just watched a marathon 9 hours of CHUCK and all I can say is WOW!!! If you've never seen chuck then here's a little clip to put you in the picture and some great outtakes.

I love this series.....I sorta lost interest between season 1 and 2 because of the massive delay on UK TV, but after 2 episodes I was back on board for a ride of the CHUCK-WAGON. That then said, I couldn't wait for VIRGIN 1 to show the rest of the series and so watched the rest on streaming sites on-line. And the end of the series was massive...........SPOILERS AHEAD as I've attached the end moment of the series, which leads nicely onto the new season............THANK GOD THEY RENEWED IT!!!!!!!!

It's one of those series that you can just pick up and enjoy without being a massive sci-fi fan, as it's just got one of those casts that everyone can relate to, stories that drag you in, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. Make sure you watch this.........its a modern gem of a series, to be missed at your peril. Roll on season 3..........and more Yvonne Strahovski.



My faith in the master has been restored......I just watched EPITAPH ONE, the lost episode of DOLLHOUSE which has yet to be aired on TV, and boy is it a corker.

I know DOLLHOUSE hasn't been that warmly
received, but I've just been converted from a casual watcher to an avid fan. EPITAPH ONE moves the show from an "episode of the week" show, to a post apocalyptic drama show which widens the idea of the show into almost a new beast.

This shows
a lot of promise for the new show, so hopefully this will all push season 2 into masterpiece territory. Let's see what they do with the "future" characters and that whole story arc, as we leave them heading for their own destiny which is caused by the actions of Echo and the occupants of the DOLLHOUSE.

Crack on and watch this one, and get ready for season 2.
I kinda feel slightly better about Sarah Connor being cancelled in favour of DOLLHOUSE now.....but only a little bit.



I found a decent reason to post some pics of Kaley CUOCO.........she appears in BIG BANG THEORY..............well, they all geeks and has loadsa sci-fi references...........come on!!!!! Gimme a break, she's hot!!!!!



I've now read several stories about TORCHWOOD slated in for Season 4..........Good news all around. Let's see how they get around an absent Captain Jack and a pregnant Gwen.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Random Rumours And News...

I'm running low on brain power here so I'm going to list a few news stories currently floating around the web. Sorry, I would have posted some of this separately but I'm fading fast!

I've highlighted the essential key words in red so you can scan quickly over the next few lines.

Legendary Pictures set to "reboot" Godzilla LINK

Bryan Singer to produce and possibly direct a new Battlestar Galatica movie LINK

Director Jonathan Mostow bringing Marvel's Sub-Mariner to the screen soon? LINK

Halo movie still on hold and Spielberg involvement only a rumour? LINK

Lego movie in development? LINK

Robert Downey Jr to play the vampire Lestat in new movie? LINK

Underworld 4 to be in 3-D and star Kate Beckingsale again? LINK

Robin Williams confirms Happy Feet sequel LINK

Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson to join the cast of Heroes LINK

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis movies due, just not yet LINK

Sharon Stone poses topless at 51 years old for Paris Match magazine (NSFW) LINK

The Hills' Heidi Montag Playboy pictures (NSFW) LINK

James Cameron's Avatar first proper image LINK

Images of the Dawntreader ship from the new Narnia movie LINK

Brewster's Millions to be remade? LINK

Terry Farrell & Nicole deBoer (Both Dax from Star Trek Ds9) Join MCM Expo 16 LINK

The Walking Dead To Become A T.V. Series?

My Backstory

Let me tell you a little something: "I am, and always have been, a collossal comic fan."

I guess it started when I was born in 1978, the year the first Superman movie was first released in cinemas. The merchandise came thick and fast and before I knew it I was growing up with superheroes all around me. I was wearing Superman pyjamas, sleeping under a Superman duvet with matching pillow, had Superman wallpaper and numerous action figures and vehicles (which I still have today) and even the little outfit with booty covers and cape (I don't still have that...).

Then it was Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic Four... The list went on. I lived in Hong Kong up until the age of 5 and everything was manufactured over there, so it was all abundant in the shops. Star Wars was also a big part of my life at that age and I had everything with Star Wars that I had with Superman as above.

I started to seriously get into comics in the UK at around the age of 14 or 15 when I went into a crappy little shop in Great Yarmouth and picked up a "What if: Silver Surfer had betrayed Galactus" comic. It was so good that I started collecting comics and graphic novels, concentrating more on X-Men and Superman than anything else, and it grew from there. Now I have a collection in my room that I've set out in my house which is a nice little display of comic related merchandise. And as I work for a company that supplies this stuff you can imagine that my collection grows bigger every week!

You could say that the reason I'm the way I am is because of my Mother, she surrounded me with these things when I was young and apart from a few years where my interests centered purely on going down the pub and pulling lovely ladies I have always been a comic fan and a super-geek. Thanks Mum!

Loyalties Switch

The reason I say all this is because a few years ago my loyalties to Marvel and DC comics strayed, quite amazingly, to IMAGE. As I've mentioned a few times on here I love some of Image comics' releases and especially books like Invincible, The Astounding Wolfman, Brit, Noble Causes and THE WALKING DEAD.

The Walking Dead is possibly the best comic series there is out there today and it's shocking that I started reading it. Invincible was the first Image ongoing series that I got hooked on and it was Robert Kirkman's (I bow in your honour) stunning writing (and Ryan Ottley's art) that made me crave more. I jumped on to numerous projects that Kirkman had worked on (including the uber cool Iredeemable Ant-Man from Marvel) and then came across Walking Dead. I've never ever been a horror fan and usually can't stand the movies or games that are based on zombies etc but when I picked up this book by accident one day I was mesmerised completely. I can safely say that this book drew me in like no other and the way it's written is so real, so visceral, that it shocks you to the core every time you read a new one.

The News

Ok so now the news: The Walking Dead is going to be made into a T.V. show for US cable channel AMC! Woo Hoo!

Writer, Director and Producer Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist) will be adapting the comic series for the small screen with producer Gale Anne Hurd (Punisher and Hulk movies) and from what I can tell the story will follow the comic series perfectly with all the characters, blood guts and gore included.

Now that's news I'm excited about! (as if you couldn't tell already).

If you want to read up on what The Walking Dead is all about take a look at the Wiki page HERE for more. And if you get the chance, read the comics asap!

Let's hope this turns out as good as the comics. Robert Kirkman himself tweeted that they wouldn't make it if it wasn't going to be good and I trust that he'll make damn sure no one screws up his baby!

New Zombieland Poster

"Nut Up or Shut Up"! is the tag line for this new movie poster for Ruben Fleicher's Zombieland horror-comedy due out in October.

The poster is pretty basic but the trailer's already got me hooked. I'm not a big zombie movie fan but I do love Shaun of the Dead and this reminds of it, a little... albeit an American version with old Woody there in the main role!

Legion Trailer & New Milla Jovovich Pics From Dark Knight

A Dark Knight Post


The REDBAND trailer for the new movie LEGION is live and looks great. It looks like a cross between CONSTANTINE, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13......all great movies, which gives me high hopes for the movie. Can't wait. Enjoy and watch out for it at a cinema near you soon.

OH......MY.........GOD.............MILLA JOVOVICH IS SOOOOOO HOT!!!

Check out the best bits of her new MAXIM shoot. If I were a zombie, she could beat my a*se anytime!!! And with the new RESIDENT EVIL movie set for release in 2010, it should be a good few months for Milla fans and bad news for zombies!!!!

17 Again Mini Review & Bridget Jones 3? From Amazon Princess

An Amazon Princess Post

17 Again Mini Review

The Amazon Princess officially has a crush on Zac Efron after watching 17 Again (now out on DVD). At first I was concerned at the thought of him being 17 but I've since discovered that as with most American actors he is in fact almost 22 but playing a younger role.

Yay crush is blooming!

Anyway, despite the eye candy I can report that this film is one of the more successful body swapping/ destiny altering movies of the bunch and is genuinely heartwarming as well as amusing.

Mike (Matthew Perry) gave up his dream of basketball stardom for family life at a young age with his high school sweetheart, but somewhere along the way he loses sight of what's important. He's then transformed into his 17 year old self (when a mysterious school janitor intervenes) and enrols at his old high school which incidentally is where his two children now attend. Funny encounters ensue as he tries to learn how to be a better father to his teenagers and find his way again.

Very enjoyable (Ned is a funny character) and did I mention Zac Efron is a hottie!


Bridget Jones 3 On Its Way?

I hear that a 3rd installment of Bridget Jones is on the cards but there was an initial rumour that Renee Zellwegger wouldn't play the main role this time around. Well I say why bother making another film if that was the case. Yes I will admit that I along with many others were sceptical when she was first cast as the British singleton looking for mister right. However she has proved that she is the perfect candidate for the job and anyone else would pale in comparison, so there! I've since found out from Variety that she is set to reprise her role and that she's currently piling on the pounds as we speak!

Hopefully Colin Firth and Hugh Grant will reprise their roles as Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleever "both a bit of a dish" and we will see them in yet another girly punch up, utterly brilliant!

Up Up And Away!

Jesus H Christ I'm knackered...

Today was an eventful one, starting with the picking up of various items at the warehouse (Zelda Link statue, Bettie Page statue, Master Chief OddPod and various other items costing way too much money) and then off to lunch at Harvester (treated myself to a lovely mixed grill) and then Colchester Zoo with the family. We were there for a good 5 hours and I can tell you know I feel like I'm going to die... This old body of mine just can't take those hills, pushing a buggy, and all the standing and walking with the oohs and aahs that come with each new animal. The weather was fine so can't complain there, it's just that after a weekend of decorating my room and being the busy bee that I've been I feel totally spent!

Aaaaanyway I thought I'd mention one funny thing the missus read out to me this weekend. On the instructions for the mounting of my DC Direct Superman Cape replica we were putting up one of the warnings read: "Warning - cape does not enable wearer to fly..."

Priceless, completely priceless. I mean no frickin s**t Sherlock! It worries me that in this day and age the manufacturers have to put a warning on a piece of material that states it doesn't give you superpowers! Made us laugh anyway.

On now to some much needed posting!


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Yawn... I give up!

OK I admit defeat...

I've been sorting out my room for the past couple of days, putting up pictures and the like, and I have to admit that I'm totally knackered. I had big plans to post numerous blog entries tonight but when it came down to me sitting in front of my PC and doing the work I found that my brain and body were totally unwilling to cooperate!

I'll try again tomorrow night and see where that gets me... Damn this decrepit body of mine!

I think I just need to chill in front of the T.V. and play some brainless X-Box 360 tonight, got the Zoo in the morning and a busy afternoon so I need to re-charge before then!

Oh and I might have some pictures of my almost finished room over the next few weeks. Managed to put up some pretty cool items today and the other pics and posters are getting framed sometime in the next 3 weeks so it'll all be finally finished. It's only taken a year and a half!


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Updates Tomorrow...

Hi all,

Been a busy old week for me so apologies for the lack of updates since Wednesday.

Tomorrow will hopefully see a whole bunch of updates from myself, Dark Knight and ever Amazon Princess so check back in the late afternoon/ evening for some new news and reviews.

Adios for now!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Edward Norton In Iron Man 2?

The Crimson Blur just sent me a text saying that Edward Norton (Bruce Banner in the recent Incredible Hulk movie) is listed on IMDB for Iron Man 2...

It doesn't have the "(rumoured)" tag next to him either so it looks like he is actually appearing. So what does this mean? We know that Marvel Studios are trying to connect the dots for all their upcoming movies until Avengers hits cinemas in 2012 but will Norton simply appear at the end of the movie (post credits etc), or will he have a bit of a bigger role to play before the end of the film? Will he just be Banner or will we somehow get a glimpse of a Hulk/ Iron Man battle?

Until he's officially announced by the studios, or until an image of him in the movie is released we can't be sure. One thing we know is that Norton himself has been extremely tight lipped about his next Marvel appearance and now we might know why!

More news as it's released... You can look at the IMDB page HERE. Ed is listed 3rd from the top.

New Megan Fox Gallery...

It's been a while since I posted pics of Megan Fox and the net seems to have slowed slightly after the amazing few weeks she spent in the limelight during the Transformers 2 cinema release in July.

Luckily for me (although many are getting sick of her) there's another fantastic gallery of images from Megan's recent Elle photo shoot HERE. These are the pics that didn't get chosen for the magazine, but they're still gorgeous shots nonetheless. Shame there's a logo on each pic... Photoshop to the rescue!

Enjoy... or not as the case may be.

EDIT: The link I had up from got removed for some reason so I've added another instead.

Juliet Returns To Lost For Season 6?

Although actress Elizabeth Mitchell has taken the lead role on ABC's remake of "V" she says that she's definitely returning for the 6th and final season of Lost next year...

"It did seem that I kaboomed myself with the bomb," Mitchell said. "I like that word, anyway. I don't think it's going to be that way. I am going to be traveling to Hawaii more than once, so we'll see how that plays out, because my [V] producers have said it's all right, so that's good."

"Yes, I will actually be back on Lost," she said. "I can't say whether I'm dead or not, but as in all things in Lost, it'll be fairly tricky."

Later, she told a group of reporters: "I really love half of it. As in all things with the writers, I know that the half that I'm like, 'Really?' is the stuff I'm going to be like, 'That was the best thing I ever did!"

I'm a big fan of Juliet on Lost and of course of Elizabeth who I think is gorgeous... I'm really pleased to hear that she'll be back, in some sort of capacity, for the final season. Let's hope it's more than just a straightforward cameo though!

And of course this is a blatant excuse for some Elizabeth Mitchell photos to be posted... Enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Steven Spielberg To Take Over Halo Movie?

OK, so this could well be every fanboys dream come true... Out of the hands of Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro, then on to District 9's director Neil Blokamp, then into obscurity... until now.

Reports have been rampant over the last few days that IESB have confirmed with with studio executives and their close ties to CAA that the news is legit.

Spielberg is currently working with Jackson on the new Tintin movie so it's not a far stretch of the imagination to believe that they at least talked about Halo... I mean this could very well be the biggest and best video game adaptation ever brought to screen (which will probably be preceded by Prince of Persia next year) so there's going to be mega-bucks involved, both for making the movie, and then when the studios are raking in the cash at the box office...

Spielberg is one of the most renowned directors and producers we've ever seen and everything he touches usually turns to gold (except maybe A.I.). Imagine his sci-fi cred going hand in hand with his war-based battle sequences (Saving Private Ryan anyone?) and then imagine the size and possible scope this movie could have? Imagine Master Chief and the Arbiter in a Steven Spielberg movie and praise the lord that miracles can happen. It was exciting enough when Peter Jackson became involved after his Lord of the Rings movies rocked the geek world!

Steven is a self proclaimed "big gamer" and recently appeared at E3 for Microsoft and was also "blown away" when he read Stuart Bettie's "Fall of Reach" script... sound like good news!

Soooo the question is: When do we get an official announcement and when is the movie now slated for release?

I'm thinking about the possibility of a Legend of Zelda movie... Peter Jackson for that? That would be awesome!

Oh, and just for kicks here are a couple of images of the real Halo Warthog vehicle that Weta Studios created when the original movie idea was pitched. This one of a kind custom made awesome-mobile was recently shipped over to Australia to promote the new Halo: ODST game...

Visit the Australian site HERE for all the info and the full gallery of images taken.