Saturday, 17 October 2009

More From The Dark Knight...

A Dark Knight Post

Californication - Hates Twilight!

Check out this video of David DUCHOVNY in CALIFORNICATION ( as his character Hank MOODY ) I get the feeling that Hank hates TWILGHT.

I watched, fell asleep and still don't know how the hell the vampires can walk around outside. I'm sure there are a lot of us that agree with his views on TWILIGHT.

BEWARE - There is swearing!!!

Although the only good thing about TWILIGHT is the doe-eyed beauty that is Kristin STEWART.....enjoy the pics below.


ZOMBIELAND.....Funnier Than SHAUN OF THE DEAD?...........No, But Still Worth Watching.

A pretty good effort to capture some of Edgar WRIGHT'S magic. Emma Stone is beautiful, Woody Harrelson is pretty funny, and the standout moment of the movie is all Bill MURRAY..... I also wet myself it was so funny. I won't ruin it, just go and watch it!!!

Was very short though....... the movie, not Bill.



15th march 2010 that's when Jon CHO dies in Flashforward...........or does he?

Well now I'm getting very confused. CHO's character gets told that he gets murdered (filling us in why he had no flash forward. But we meet his fiancee who seems to have a flash forward when she's marrying him. All so confusing. Also Kahballah is the reason why everyone passed out?

WTF. All very strange, but very compelling none the less................and what the hell what that all about at the end in Somalia???? You guess is as good as mine. Check out SCIFIWIRE HERE for some rather random ideas.


DAY ONE............More Bad News.

Not only have the network initially made noises about the series only lasting for one season, but now it appears that it'll only be 4 hours long ( I THINK THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL A MINI SERIES).

I'm very disappointed as this sounded like a good concept and could be a little gem. Now it appears the credit crunch has started to nip at the networks heels and the penny pinching has started..........damn you NBC, looks like they are apocalypse haters like CBS!!!!

First Jericho gets cut off at the knees and now another apocalyptic series bites the dust before it starts. DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!


And On The Subject Of Jericho........

Looks like someone has registered the web address - Now does this mean that the movie has moved from "Active development" to "Arses in gear and filming"?

I guess time will tell...............I'm hoping for the latter of the two cause I LOVE JERICHO.


Just In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Battlestar...

I just stumbled on some awesome photos of the two hottest CYLONS in the galaxy.......... Enjoy the video and photos!!!
You can view the whole set HERE.


New Toy Story 3 Trailer.


Dollhouse Going Under???

Looks like the numbers are still grim.....but not that grim. DVR viewings of DOLLHOUSE have made crap viewing figures look slightly better.

It'll still probably get cancelled, as do most shows that have too much substance and a message............That and I think Joss Whedon is cursed.

Keep watching this's good...........honest!!!!!!!!!!!!! And enjoy the Eliza pictures!!!!


The Babes Of SGU

I think I've just decided that I love SGU even more.....just found this HOT picture of two of the new Destiny crew.

Ms TAPPING, you have competition!!!!!!!

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