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Movie & T.V. News From The Dark Knight (Some Spoilers)

A Dark Knight Post

SGU : Dark Knight's verdict.

I just watched the first 90 minutes of the new STARGATE franchise.............and quite frankly I don't know what to say.

Other than it ROCKED!!!!!!!!! It had everything you could want from a new sci fi series.....action, space battles, Richard dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and enough STARGATE related stuff to keep everyone happy. Well I'm sure they'll be a few people that'll make sh**ty comments about some slightly wooden acting from some of the cast and a lack of humour, BUT THEY'RE ON A SPACESHIP WHICH IS FALLING APART AND THEY MIGHT DIE!!!! Humour is the last thing on their minds.

Now then, "what WAS wrong with it" I hear you cry. Well, I didn't have too much of a problem with anything at all. Eli WALLACE ( David BLUE) gave a shot of funny into his acting (as well as some very serious acting moments as well....not seen him in much but seems to be a good actor), but there was a lack of the pop culture references that made SG-1 and ATLANTIS so grounded in our reality.........I'm sure that this will come along as I recall seeing Eli making STAR WARS references on a trailer when the ship arrives at an ice planet "LOOKS LIKE WE'VE ENTERED THE HOTH SYSTEM.".

One thing that I'm sure will make headlines (in the SCI FI mags anyway) is the inclusion of a rather racy sex scene. Now it's not like there's t**s and ass out and about, but you do see Lt SCOTT ( Brain J SMITH) and another female SG member going at it against a wall. Hey people, we've all seen it before so no need to make such a thing about it!!!!

SPOILERS...sorta. Well Lou Diamond PHILLIPS didn't appear for long. He appears for about a minute in total. Kinda a waste of a pretty good actor. The Lucian alliance make a rather bland appearance, but who else is gonna turn up and take on the USS HAMMOND (under the command of the gorgeous Amanda TAPPING - loving the long brown hair on Sam Carter) bearing in mind the GOA'ULD are long gone, the ORI are toast and the WRAITH are kinda battered and bruised as well.

It kept me gripped and happy for 90 minutes, and at the final scene left me begging for more. SY FY, I think I love you and might just forgive you for taking BATTLESTAR away from me!!!!!

JUST IN!!!!!!!!

Just read a quick review (and I use the term review loosely) on and already the hating has started. They posted a paragraph to make some crap comment about SGU being a combination of SG-1, ATLANTIS, and the animated STARGATE INFINITY. Well if they want to take all the good bits from their previous shows I don't see a problem. SGU is based in the same universe (kinda) and features the SGC and their back story, so it is gonna be familiar and have some of the same things. GROW UP GUYS AND GIVE IT A CHANCE.

Rock on episode 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss this at your peril.


I can smell another fan campaign starting.

I have just braved the media backlash about DEFYING GRAVITY and sat through the 8 aired episodes. What did you think, I hear you cry. Well, I loved it.....hand on heart, I thought it was honest, well acted, funny and just plain brilliant.

This seems to be contrary to the public opinion of most, but I have already seen the fan campaign to keep it going. Although I have also seen that ABC HAVE NOT cancelled the series at this stage, they've just taken it off to find a better placement for it on their schedule. OK, this doesn't sound promising, but it's better than the reports that it had been canned and wasn't even going to complete the first season of 13 episodes.

The cast are awesome............I love Christina COX (seen her in person and she is as hot as she looks!) who is a genre favourite having appeared in BLOOD TIES, ATLANTIS, and other genre products. Ron LIVINGSTON is funny as hell as the sarcastic MADDUX DONNER, and Paula GARCES and Laura HARRIS also add a bit of sex appeal to the show.

For those of you that haven't seen the show here it is in a nut shell. 8 astronauts are flying around the solar system of the ANTARES spaceship on a seemingly harmless mission to forward human science and understanding of the planets. Little do they know that there is an artifact simply called BETA that is giving them their actual agenda for the mission, collecting other artifacts from each planet in the solar system. No one knows why, but this is something they'll have little choice about as BETA is pulling all the strings by giving the crew nightmares that end when the wake up.

I can hear everyone saying, "WHAT A BORING CONCEPT" but this is filled with back story, flashbacks and some great acting from everyone involved. It's moved the show into a great direction, but will ABC crumble and fill out airwaves with more cheap "reality TV" shite??? Probably, so enjoy it while you can.....and if you love it email ABC and tell them, or find one of the many petitions and put down your name.



Yes it is, and with 4 episodes in it seems to be on great form to reach the genre halls of fame. Not many shows actually let the apocalypse happen and stay around to kick the four horsemen of the apocalypse back to hell ( the last show to hint at this was the great ANGEL, but they didn't get a fair shot at kicking mega butt!!)

The best moment by far is when Dean tries to get CASTIEL (Misha COLLINS) laid in a brothel...........gotta love those fallen angels.

Get watching this great show.



I watched this movie the other day..........kinda wish I hadn't. Started with promise, but ended up with a mish-mash of weird shite and a poor ending. Watch the trailer (you see all the best bits) and save yourself the admission fee!!!



Check these out........I think the loverly KATE has my vote for hottest SCI FI vixen of FOREVER!!!!!!!!

If you really wanna see something check out this video from KATE'S photo shoot for ESQUIRE

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