Monday, 30 November 2009

Smallville: Absolute Justice - First Trailer And Images!

Probably the biggest Smallville event since the Justice League episode "Justice" which featured the combined heroic efforts of Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg and Impulse, the new 2 hour t.v. movie titled "Absolute Justice" is what we're getting now instead of the two separate episodes previously announced, which were going to be called 'Society' and 'Legends'.

As we already know from one of my previous posts, the event will feature Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate from the JSA. However it seems that they are not the only Justice Society members that will appear in the episode. The clip below also shows an exciting glimpse of Golden Age Sandman and Alan Scott as Green Lantern (although you only see his iconic ring for a second)! How frickin cool is that?! I mean I know the outfits in the pics look pretty camp, and not unlike the kind of cosplayers you see at the San Diego Comic Con every year, but you have to admit that they're pretty damn accurate to their comic counterparts and are way over the top (in a good way) for a programme like Smallville, which is usually all about the leathers and underplaying famous costumes. It's a bold step for the shows creators but I'm sure it'll pay off in the end. Even when Clark is looking at the JSA picture on the wall you get goosebumps just thinking about who else could pop up!

Personally I'd love for Powergirl to appear, but as I've said before it wouldn't be possible because of so many continuity reasons. However you can't deny that it'd increase male viewing of that mini movie tenfold! And just for fun I'd like to see this pictire below actually come to life on screen. Gemma Atkinson as Powergirl? I just died and went to geek heaven!

There's also news that the Absolute Justice event will mark the return of Phil Morris' Martian Manhunter, and that Brian Austin Green will return again as Metallo later in the season.

We'll also be seeing Carlo Marks return to Smallville (he played Chloe's fiance in "Apocalypse" back in season 7) but this time playing Steven Swift, aka Warrior Angel! Can't wait for the rest of season9 now!


DJ Storm said...

Just to remind you... Your Powergirl fantasy would never happen! Especially since someone has already played the character. Or did you forget that Kara El (aka Supergirl) is the same person as Powergirl. So, they wouldn't have someone else play her!
Personally, I would have loved to have seen them actually use Green Lantern. Not just show him in pictures.

Kryptonian Warrior said...

Yeah I guess your right, Powergirl may just be from another universe and an older version of Kara but it would still be cool for another actress to step into that role, seeing as how Laura Vandervoort went M.I.A and ended up in V!
GL would be great but would probably use up the whole seasons CGI budget on his ring creations! ;)