Monday, 30 November 2009

Turtles Forever & Ben 10 Alien Swarm Mini Reviews...

Recently I got the chance to catch both the new 25th anniversary cartoon Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles movie "Turtles Forever" and the new Ben 10 live action movie "Alien Swarm".

Below is a mini movie review for each just in case you haven't caught them yourselves yet. Beware that there are spoilers in the reviews.

Turtles Forever

"Sometimes four ninjas just aren't enough!" Were you a fan of the Turtles back in the 80's? I was a huuuuuuge fan, in fact I was obsessed! No surprises there I suppose but I'm now 31 years old and I'm still a fan... When I originally saw the poster and heard the synopsis for the Turtles Forever t.v. movie I thought it was all a joke. I was sure it was some fan created film that was based on the characters but not connected to the actual studios etc.

Well I was wrong. I got the chance to watch the movie the other day and I have to say that I loved it! The synopsis is pretty complicated (especially if I'm trying to explain it) but it's basically a story of cross dimensional meetings of 3 different sets of Turtles including the newest cartoon versions, the 80's versions and the original black and white Eastman and Laird versions along with their respective Shredder's and many minions.

It wasn't Shakespeare as you'd probably expect but it was damn good fun for a Turtle fan like me. The movie featured such classic characters as Kang, Beebop and Rocksteady, the Utrom, April and Casey etc etc. It was fun watching the newer and more serious Turtles interacting with the crazy and fun 80's versions and then seeing the classic hardcore black and white Clint Eastwood style Turtles popping up too. The scenes with the 80's Shredder and Krang brought back some fond memories from my childhood and reminded me of collecting the action figures, the stickers and the various paraphernalia back in the day. The last few seconds of the film were a nice touch and if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it, but it was cool.

If you're not a fan of the TMNT then I suggest giving this a miss as it's not the best made cartoon ever and if you're looking for quality content you'll probably find it lacking, but if you're a fan like me I think you'll probably love this and it was a lot of fun for a 25th anniversary comeback.

Based on how much fun I had watching it rather than the quality of the content I have to give it a 7/10 score.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

I'm also a big Ben 10 fan, and especially a fan of the newer Alien Force cartoon. I have to admit that when I saw the original live action movie "Race against time" I was highly disappointed and even though we got to see a few of Ben's aliens like Diamondhead and Wildmutt I thought the acting was bad and the story was terrible.

Unfortunately Alien Swarm is even worse on both these points. The writers and director deserve a thorough beating for the lame story and dialog and the actors needed a red hot poker up their respective butts to get them going, they were more wooden than Pinocchio! The big selling point to these live action movies has to be seeing the aliens in all their CGI glory but unfortunately we only get to see Big Chill and Humongousaur before being given a new alien in the form of Nanomech. It's poor on so many levels for all the fans out there and all the long bike riding scenes and crappy character interaction just makes things worse. OK so they got Kevin's car right, and even Kevin himself is the most believable character on screen compared to his cartoon counterpart (which isn't saying much), but I'm afraid this was a big steaming pile of crap that should be avoided at all costs. A huge letdown for anyone looking forward to it... 1/10

The new Alien Swarm action figure of Nanotech found in my local shopping center yesterday.

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