Saturday, 9 January 2010

Videos From The Web...

On my weekly travels around the worldwide web, specifically I found a bunch of videos I wanted to post here. Some are cool, some are weird, all are things I found worthy of posting for good reasons, which I've written underneath each one.


I know this is totally crazy but I actually think this Chippettes version of Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold" is actually quite catchy. I'm sure the movie is awful (great for the kids) but I had to post it up anyway!

A really funny spoof from which is based on Batman Dark Knight's scenes where The Batman disappears when Gordon is talking to him. Made me smile!

I love martial arts, kung fu, and the things these crazy Shaolin Monks can do. Balancing on your index fingers? Crazy...

Although this video doesn't look real if it actually is this has got to be one of the luckiest train line inspectors, or humans for that matter, of all time.

Did you ever play 'slapsies' or 'conkers' when you were a kid in school? The game has grown up and now there's "Boob slapping". A perverts sport to be sure, but it obviously tickles some people out there! Crazy...

Why was the Taylor Swift Supergirl story rubbish? This could be one of the reasons... Her getting pranked by Ellen DeGeneres in a toilet shows how yellow she actually is! Not Kryptonian material you could say! Although thinking about it she probably though it was a psycho stalker or something. Every celeb has one these days!

My love of Muppets and Sesame Street is well documented on this blog so it's no surprise that when Big Bird appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently for Sesame Street's 40th anniversary I just had to post the vid. Gotta love Big Bird, and he's actually pretty funny too!

OK, so you can see the guys legs sticking out of this suit which kind of ruins its realism factor, but if my kids came across this animatronic dino which walks around the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History they'd most definitely crap their pants and pass out... or vice versa. Either way I'm surprised no kids are running and screaming in fear of this thing in this vid, I think it'd probably freak me out too!

Chris Brown is a renowned crap bag these days after beating on Rhianna and even some stores in the US have opted to not sell his records due to his bad public image, but the dude still kicked out tunes last year, one of which is above. So yeah it's a shameless cash-in on the Transformers movie hype, but I found the tune quite catchy nonetheless.

2009 had some pretty memorable moments and some of them were the weekend entrances of a certain lady named Cheryl Cole on ITV's X-Factor. I know that every time those doors opened and she appeared on stage I shouted "Holy S**t" to the t.v., much to my missus' disgust! Probably her best X-Factor moment by far was the night she sang live. Not only did she do quite well, considering she cannot sing at all (fact), but she looked utterly amazing and after the performance she stripped off the red part of her outfit to sit back down with the judges and then showed off her ample cleavage through a see through nylon top for the rest of the night! Classic. Enjoy the vid!

Lady Gaga... She's the Marmite of the music world, you either love her or you hate her, there's no middle ground. Her tunes are ultra catchy, her body is uber fit, but her face can be considered a downer and she wears the most ridiculous clothes ever seen. However back in 2005 long before she became Lady Gaga, Stefani Germanotta (her real name) appeared on MTV's prank show "Boiling Points". As you'll see she was actually very normal, and quite cute, with dark hair and a big bust... She's the third customer sitting down in the vid and the only one that fails the shows goal!

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