Tuesday, 23 March 2010

CGI Popeye Movie Coming Soon?

Bloody hell... First the Smurfs, and now Popeye!

Variety has confirmed that Sony Pictures Animation will be animating and bringing the spinach-eating sailor Popeye to the big screen in an all-CGI animated movie. Mike Jones (of only The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break screenplay) landed the job of writing the script, but no director has been chosen yet. "I'm an unabashed, lifelong Popeye fan," said Jones. "Introducing this squinty-eyed sailor to a new generation also means reintroducing him to those who grew up with him."

King Features Syndicate controls the property and decided to bring it to Arad. "Scott [Sassa] called me and said, 'I have something for you,'" said Arad, who grew up watching Popeye short movies in Israel. "I literally started singing the famous Popeye song (after securing the rights). What always blew me away is the level of the animation. It was so beautiful and unbelievably detailed." Of course, this is also going to be arriving in 3D, but that's expected for pretty much every animated movie released these days.

I can't really remember the live-action Robin Williams movie (even though my Aunt was in it when it filmed in Malta) but I think a 3-D CGI movie would be a better attempt. Can't say it'll be one I'll be taking the kids to, but you never know!

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The Emerald Knight said...

SWEET! This is awesome news. And I loved the Robin Williams version of Popeye, dude you must check it out on YouTube when you get a chance I'm sure it's there.