Friday, 12 March 2010

Christopher Reeve Superman Cinemaqutte Now Available!

Not sure how long this has been available in the US but it's just gone up online on today.

This is potentially the pinnacle of all collection pieces for Christopher Reeve Superman fanatics like myself and as with with all previous Toynami Cinemaqutte releases, it's top quality... The only problem? It's also top dollar. £1,399.00 to be precise.

Here's the FP description:

The world's first and greatest super-hero makes his debut in this newest edition in the Cinemaquette series, capturing the moment as the MAN OF STEEL touches down to Earth. Constructed of polyurethane composite with realistic silicon skin, the SUPERMAN Cinemaquette's head is individually punched with real human hair.


* Approximately 29 inches in height

* Handsome display base inspired by SUPERMAN's Fortress of Solitude

Limited in production to 1,000 units worldwide.

Toynami will donate $25,000 to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to help

* Help fund cutting-edge spinal cord injury research

* Improve the lives of people living with disabilities

* Help find a cure for those living with a spinal cord injury

For more information on the Foundation and to make a donation, please visit

Should you feel the overwhelming need to part with some hard earned cash you can buy this masterpiece HERE.

I seriously want one of these for my shop, but it would only be for show, not for sale!!! ;P

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The Emerald Knight said...

Way too pricey for me, it goes for about $2000 here in the U.S. It is certainly an Awesome piece though.