Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Jamie Foxx & Bruce Willis For Kane & Lynch Video Game Movie?

It's old news that Bruce Willis has been attached to the Kane & Lynch video game adaptation movie for some time now (as Kane) but recent news suggests that Jamie Foxx has signed on now too (as Lynch)...

I know it's a stupid thing to say but if I'm not mistaken aren't both Kane & Lynch white? Bruce Willis = Kane, Jamie Foxx = Lynch? Nope, don't see it, sorry.

When it comes to a movie like this where the source material is pretty clear and the characters are so strong that only specific actors should be chosen it confuses the hell out of me why studios would think that Mr. Foxx would be good for the role. Even Bruce Willis doesn't really cut it for me. In my head I'm looking at George Clooney for Kane (a-la From Dusk Til Dawn attitude) and maybe John Malkovich for Lynch (add a bit of long thinning hair to the back of his head and make him as psychotic as in Con Air etc and we're good to go).

But hey, who am I to judge!

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