Thursday, 18 March 2010

John Stewart In Green Lantern Movie?

This maybe a long shot here but ex marine turned actor Nick Jones posted up on his Twitter account recently that he had a small role in the new Green Lantern movie as and ex marine...

OK so aside from the typecasting similarity of being an ex marine the big thing here is that certain people on the Internet (namely on now think that Jones could be cameoing as none other than John Stewart, a Green Lantern of Earth who takes over the mantle post Hal Jordan, along with Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner.

The evidence (if you can call it that) is below. See what you think. Stewart or just a standard marine in a bar scene? You would have thought that if they were going to make a sequel (which is more than likely) and cameo a character who is pretty damn huge in the continuity they'd choose a bigger actor and not a model/marine/actor such as Nick Jones (no offence, he certainly looks the part). Or will the studios just do an Iron-Man Rhodey switcheroo with the actors if that happens?

And if that is the case that would add to the ongoing confirmed list of Green Lanterns appearing in the movie. This list includes Hal, Abin Sur, Tomar Re, Kilowog, Salaak and Sinestro. Can't wait!

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