Friday, 12 March 2010

Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Music Vid Is Pure Psychedelic Debauchery...


No seriously, forget everything else I've ever said WTF to in the past and believe me when I say that this new Lady Gaga video truly deserves a "WTF"?

How in the hell Gaga dragged Beyonce and Tyrese Gibson into this monstrosity of a music video is beyond me... Testosterone fueled muscle women as prison guards? Gaga getting her baps (and more) out, and Beyonce near enough doing the same? Gaga snogging female (if you can call them that) inmates? The Kill Bill Pussy Wagon? Thelma and Louise references? Poisoning a diner full of patrons and then dancing around them?

It's f****d up is what it is. Critically acclaimed my big hairy ass, this woman is plain psychotic and it seems to have rubbed off on the usually normal and sweet Beyonce too. 9 minutes and 32 seconds of pure psychedelic debauchery. And the strange thing is that this is probably exactly the kind of reaction Lady Gaga is trying to evoke from the public. She strives to be different, totally different, to anyone that's come before her and probably from anyone that'll ever come after her, and maybe she should be applauded, and maybe not. Close your eyes and the tune is actually as catchy as her past efforts, open your eyes and it's like what you'd expect to see if Hellraiser, Nightmare on Elm Street and a snuff porn movie were melded together and turned into a music video... Your eyes will bleed, your heart will shrivel and you balls will retreat so far up into your body you'll be picking your own pubes out of your teeth for a month...


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The Emerald Knight said...

I am a Lady GaGa fan but this is hella lame. My wife and I watched this vid yesterday and we were like WTF? This is truely a creative tragedy.