Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Michael Rosenbaum NOT Returning to Smallville...

Michael Rosenbaum posted on Twitter the other day that good news is coming, but that a Smallville return is not in the cards.

"Sorry. It's not Smallville related. I've already stated that I'm not returning. I'd never lead you guys on like that. I appreciate your support," he wrote.

He did, however, reveal he has a funny role in Christian Slater's upcoming FOX TV pilot about a group of computer hackers. More information about that project should be available soon.

So for all of you Smallville lovers out there who were hoping for Michael to return as Lex you're out of luck (as long as he's not holding back on a secret etc) but that doesn't rule out the return of Lex Luthor himself. Who's to say that Lex didn't survive the explosion only to have reconstructive surgery on his face and will return as another actor altogether? We've seen and heard bits and pieces in season 9 about Lex being Clark's big-bad for his future and we now know he survived (if you didn't know Superman's future anyway) so maybe it's true. Another actor could and should play Lex when his character hopefully returns either at the end of season 9 (nice cliff hanger) or season 10...

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