Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Overboard Getting The Remake Treatment?

My missus almost coughed up her lunch when I told her this news (this is one of her favourite 80's movies and is just that little bit sacred to her).

Jennifer Lopez (yes that's right, frickin Jennifer Lopez) is in talks to star in the remake of the romantic comedy "Overboard," which Overbrook is producing for Columbia.

The 1987 movie, which starred Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and was directed by Garry Marshall, centered on a snooty, spoiled woman who falls off her yacht and is taken to the hospital by a local, morally challenged carpenter. When she wakes up with amnesia, he convinces her she is his wife, thereby getting a free housekeeper for his four boys.

Whether this goes ahead or not is another matter, but if it does we all know it'll never match the original, which even I like... Why oh why are we getting so many remakes?

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