Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Return Of Batman Beyond...

Unfortunately this isn't the return of Batman Beyond in the animated t.v. format but rather a new DC comic series heading our way in June 2010.

I was a big fan of the animated series and as I'll hopefully soon be opening a comic book store this year I'm getting more and more into new comics and graphic novels being released.

Here's some info on the new run:

The new series will kick off in June and will be written by Adam Beechen, with art by Ryan Benjamin.

The series will be a six-issue mini.

Batman Beyond will pit the future Dark Knight against his own past, as a dangerous force has begun to target Bruce Wayne’s old foes. Can Wayne’s past put Terry’s future in danger?

“The dark future of the legendary animated series comes to the DCU in a six-issue miniseries, as Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne’s young successor as Batman, faces his deadliest foe yet — a mystery murderer from the Dark Knight’s past! Old faces return, new allies and enemies step into the light, and the partnership between Terry and Bruce — not to mention Terry and Bruce themselves — might not survive!”

Looking forward to this!

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The Emerald Knight said...

I loved the animated series myself and i will definitely be grabbing this series off the shelves.Oh and congrats KW to you opening up your comic store, I am so