Thursday, 18 March 2010

Summer Glau Joins New Show - "The Cape"

Little Miss Glau never seems to have too much of a problem finding work in the sci-fi/ fantasy t.v. world and new news this week confirms she's still going strong!

Having appeared on shows like Angel, Firefly, The 4400, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse this kick-ass ex prima ballerina now has a new job on NBC's newest superhero show "The Cape".

In the pilot a former cop (David Lyons) is set up as a criminal and becomes a masked hero, the Cape, to clear his name. Glau will play Orwell, a cute and intrepid investigative blogger who fearlessly goes after corrupt cops and costumed bad guys.

I'm sure The Cape will be a show I'll watch and I'm sure seeing Summer in it every week will make it even more palatable should it be crap (which I'm sure it won't be, gotta be better than the last two seasons of Heroes at least!) but I fear that the "series-cancellation-curse" that seems to travel in her wake may rear its ugly head on The Cape before its day is due, as with every other show she's appeared on... We'll have to wait and see!


The Emerald Knight said...

I definitely have to check this show out, after all I am a Super Hero

Anonymous said...

Excellent! She is a lovely girl.

Anonymous said...

Shows like this never make it; there are too few of us represented in the (fantasy/Sci Fi world) with the ratings nazis.
The problem isn't Glau (which rhymes with WOW!) It's that she keeps doing the good stuff instead of the safe stuff; if Summer took a page from her ex co-star's book and found a show like "Castle" she may be in a show that will stick around for a while.
Sad, but true.