Sunday, 28 March 2010


We ALL know that zombies are the new "in-thing" and everything seems to have a zombie slant to it.......Just check out this weeks SUPERNATURAL and you can even see the Winchester brothers blasting some zombie ass all over the show...............But news has just hit that the first official cast member for the TV adaption of THE WALKING DEAD has just been announced.

Jon Bernthal has been cast as police officer Shane, best friend of our anti hero Rick Grimes....I know, I've never heard of Bernthal either but I would imagine that this guy must have some talent as this is going to be an awesome project........he apparently is currently in Eastwick (Yeah, never watched it cause it is shite and has already been cancelled!!)

He wouldn't have been my first choice as Shane in the comic's looks pretty solid and hard.....but the photo's I've seen of Bernthal don't make him look hard or solid....oh well, plenty of time to buff up....shooting doesn't start till May for the pilot.......It's gonna be a long wait!!! Although cut off the shaggy hair and it might not be TOO bad.

I'd like to at least see a well established actor in the fray before filming starts.....just to keep the media happy (it always helps to have a decent name pull in some press) although that didn't do LOST any harm when it started.

With plenty more characters still to be cast, WATCH THIS SPACE............I can tell now, just like a zombie, this series will never die!!!!!!!!!!


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