Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ben 10 Evolutions Now Becomes Ultimate Alien?

Having just watched the two part season finale of Ben 10 Alien Force (which were absolutely wicked I might add) I jumped online to check out what was happening with the new Evolutions series only to discover that it's had its name changed to "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien"!


Now I'd understand if it was going to be called "Ultimate Aliens" (plural) and I actually think that the original "Evolutions" name suits the next series better, considering Ben's new "Ultimatrix" and its ability to "evolve" each alien into its most advanced stage of evolution (although why the hell a Humungosaur would evolve into having morphing hand cannons I'll never know) but nonetheless the new series looks frickin wicked no matter what the title is.

Ultimate Alien is due to air on April the 23rd 2010 and will be set 1 year after the Alien Force finale. If you didn't know Ben's Omnitrix was destroyed defeating Vilgax (again) so he took Albedo's (his evil twin's) new Ultimatrix, which Albedo stole from Azmuth, which has the advanced power to evolve any stored alien DNA into its highest state of evolution, it's "Ultimate Alien" phase. So basically Ben can use any Alien form but can also twist the Ultimatrix pod on his chest which upgrades his Alien to a new and better form within the same species (Bandai are laughing and rubbing their hands together once again with the plethora of new aliens to turn into toys and a new Ultimatrix wrist device!).

Gwen is now mastering both her plasma powers and her magic powers, the Plumber-alien kids Max Tennyson trains are now attending Plumber academy and Kevin's mutation (caused by the Omnitrix overload which permanently changed his body) has gone and his original power to absorb the traits of any material he touches in back. It's all change for Ben 10 once again!

The new aliens/ ultimate aliens are :

Water Hazard
Nanomech (yes the one from the live action Alien Swarm movie!)
Ultimate Swampfire
Ultimate Humongousaur
Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ultimate Cannonbolt
Ultimate Echo Echo

You can view the teaser trailer below and if you want to see pics of all the new alien forms listed above, Kevin's new car and Jet (yes I said Jet) and get the rundown on everything that's happening in Ultimate Alien you can visit the Ben 10 Wiki site HERE.

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