Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dr. Who 2010 With Matt Smith "The Eleventh Hour" - Was It Any Good?

Actually yes it bloody was!

I held back my excitement (apart from shouting "woo hoo" in my daughters face as it started) and I had my initial trepidations about Matt Smith which made me worry that I'd dislike this new series, but I was worried for no reason... It actually rocked.

OK so Matt Smith is no David Tennant, the same way that David was no Christopher Eccleston the first time we saw him, but within a matter of minutes Mr. Smith had made the role his own and was away like a Whippet on speed at the races...

The story wasn't brilliant (my 6 year old daughter certainly couldn't follow it) and the aliens were a little weird, even for Dr. Who, but Matt is a strong character on screen and his new companion Amy Pond (the beautiful red headed Scot Karen Gillan) seems just as strong. OK so she's actually a kissogram and not a Police Woman like everone originally thought (I'm sure Mums and Dads are on the phone to the BBC right now complaining about that choice) but that gives her character, she's feisty, she's a little naughty but at the same time innocent and full of child-like glee.

The opening credits and the new theme tune were a bit of a shock to the system and I can't say I was impressed (seeing as the last theme tune gave my goosebumps every single time it came on) but just seeing that multitude of clips for the upcoming season after the first episode finished was enough to get me hyped for the rest of the new year. Plus the fact that Matt's been given a new theme tune, insignia, Tardis and sonic screwdriver means that they really are starting from square one again here and trying to move away from Russell T. Davies and David Tennant because of the huge hold they had on the Dr. Who-loving world.

We might have all been mourning David ever since we knew he was leaving, but I found myself asking "David Who?" by the end of this episode, such was the crazy, meaty, impact Matt Smith had. And even though my daughter had to keep asking me questions about what was going on (gotta love Sky +) she said she really enjoyed it and wants to watch it every week with me, which is great!

So all in all I think this new series will be a success and Matt is, so far, a worthy successor to the role, with Karen being a worthy addition to the Doctor's companion stable. I think that vision of her running around in a Police Woman's garb with the stockings etc will be on my mind for a fair while... I have a thing for red heads y'see. ;)

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Anonymous said...

agreed. it was very first episody i have coveiged to my frieds, yet again the montage at the end left me wondering and wanting more.