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Well its official.........Heroes has been renewed...........shocked much?? Yeah, me too especially seen as the last season for the most part was utter shite!!!

PARADOX and SURVIVORS cancelled!!!!!!

I has read earlier in the week that the BBC has cancelled fledgling show PARADOX after only 1 season....not a massive surprise as it was a little lackluster.......................HOWEVER I have also just read that they have also just cancelled SURVIVORS!!!!!!!!!!! No 3rd season!!!!!! It was one of the best programs on the BBC and I loved it.........Have FOX suddenly taken over the BBC and started cancelling every genre show they have!!!!!

I was half expecting to read that TORCHWOOD had also bitten the dust, but John Barrowman gave an interview that announced that there is more TORCHWOOD heading our way.............AND NOT THE SHITE AMERICAN VERSION THAT FOX WERE BREWING UP, AND WHICH THEY HAVE BINNED BEFORE IT EVEN GOT MADE...........For once, GOOD CALL FOX!!!!!
Check out the interview below.

John Barrowman was a guest on a BBC radio show this morning to promote his new DVD An Evening with John Barrowman. Jumping straight to the big news he said, "Most definitely, Torchwood will come back to the BBC."

He says that the whens and hows are still being talked about but they're looking at another 13 episode run, not 5 which is extra great news.

As for appearing with the new Doctor Who, John says it hasn't been discussed but followed with, "I'm prepared that it won't happen."


It's all change for dinosaur drama Primeval. When the sci-fi show returns early next year it will not only be broadcast across two channels (ITV and Watch), but will also welcome a brand new on-screen team.

Star Trek actor Alexander Siddig (who you may more recently recognise from 3D movie Clash of the Titans) joins the cast as charismatic scientist Philip Burton. He'll oversee the ARC department's investigations, under the government's instructions, after James Lester's (Ben Miller) abilities to run the operation are questioned.

Series regulars Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts and Ben Mansfield will also be back, joined by newcomers Ciaran McMenamin (Silent Witness) and Ruth Kearney (Shark City). It's yet to be confirmed whether Jason Flemyng or Laila Rouass' characters Danny and Sarah will also be returning, however. An ITV spokesperson today teased, saying: "Don't count either of them out yet... expect one or both of them to re-appear during the series." Flemyng is currently working on a host of new movies, while Rouass is to star in the new series of Spooks.

ITV suggests the show's upcoming seasons will continue to feature both romance and mystery. McMenamin's character, a zoologist called Matt, is said to be harbouring dark secrets; Kearney's character, a hard-working agent called Jess, has "an unrequited crush on Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield)". There will, no doubt, be some dinosaur chasing too.

Primeval's fourth season debuts on ITV1 early next year, and the fifth follows soon after on UKTV's pay channel Watch. The decision to air the show on two channels is part of a deal--between ITV, Watch, and producers Impossible Pictures--made to save the show after ITV budget cuts resulted in its initial cancellation.

Well, There's some good news and bad....more info when I get it.


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