Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Dr. Who - Inside The Tardis Pics And First Ep This Saturday!

On BBC1 at 6:20pm on Saturday the 3rd of April Dr. Who returns to British t.v.!

Matt Smith takes over the role of everyones favourite Time Lord and it's not just the actor that's changed in the new series... The Tardis has transformed too!

During his interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last week Smith gave away a few small secrets as well as showing off his new Sonic Screwdriver. He stated that his new start on the show triggered somewhat of a revamp all round and the show runners decided that the internal structure of the Tardis needed decorating too. As you can see in the couple of pics below the inside is now larger, more 'orange', has a new centre console and has stairs leading up to multiple rooms which Smith said were "levels", so we may be looking at more than just these rooms (and the lower hole filled pit) in the pics. The Sonic Screwdriver has also had a makeover and now has a head that opens up like a four petal flower. The new Doctor has been training himself to wield the device properly on screen flipping, juggling and swinging it in ways not really seen by past Docs.

I have to say that although I have my doubts about him and the new series, I'm still really looking forward to it!

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