Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Wolverine X-Men Motorcycle Suit!

Doing its rounds on the Internet this week is the news that UD Replicas have created every Wolverine fans dream outfit, in the form of the X2: X-Men United Wolverine Motorcycle suit!

Motorcycle-riding comics fans, and cosplayers, take note: UD Replicas has unveiled its official X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit.

The leather suit which is a spot-on replica of the one worn by Hugh Jackman in the second movie and includes the jacket, gloves and pants. According to the manufacturer, the suit incorporates removable CE-approved body armor, gloves with anti-skid Kevlar in the lining of the palms, and "an interior, form-molded muscle suit sandwiched into the jacket’s torso section."

The entire ensemble will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 (the price hasn't been finalized yet). UD Replicas will take orders through its website beginning later this month, so start saving your pennies if you're thinking of getting this!

If you're more of an Iron Man fan (well Iron Man 2 to be precise) you're in luck: UD is also developing a leather replica of Tony Stark’s Mark V Suitcase Suit from Iron Man 2! Coooooool!


Johnathan said...

Where can I buy a suit like this for Halloween, I'm looking to be Cyclops from X-Men. LOL!


Kryptonian Warrior said...

No idea unfortunately, although there are numerous superhero suit makers on e-bay that might be able to make the outfit from scratch for you. Don't expect it to be cheap though! ;)

Alf said...

Though most suits found on e-bay is not built for motorcycle riding ;)