Saturday, 3 April 2010

Official Trailer For Resident Evil: Afterlife

Yes it's here Resi fans, the first new trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife 3-D.

It looks like someone's been watching the Matrix trilogy lately and decided to rip off a few scenes (you'll see what I mean), or even Ultraviolet (certain scenes look like an Ultraviolet sequel!), plus I kinda hate 3-D movies where they purposefully throw things towards the screen as if to say "look at this 3-D, isn't it amazing? Watch the ninja shurikens as they fly towards your head..." etc.

But hey, everyone seems partial to a bit of Resident Evil in its movie incarnations and you've got to admit that Milla Jovovich has never looked this good... Simply WOW. Plus there's not just one of her now, it's multiple Alice's... Now there's a dream I'll store up for later! ;P

Oh and Ali Larter's in this trailer doing superhero type stuff too... Not sure if she should be doing that considering she's only human (or is she?). I'll be watching this either way.


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